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    930 case change clutch

    have to change clutch in 930 case--not a hand clutch --must be one of he newer ones only adjustment is on the outside of the clutch housing its a wet clutch any body got experience with this
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    duct tape

    Any body ever tried duct tape on the horses nose to calm him down
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    930 case

    Have 930 case hydraulics have gotten really slow and weak. Took it apart filter plugged. Will this make the hydraulic work extremely slow. Or does the oil by pass the filter when it's plugged. This may not be the most intelligent question I've ever asked here
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    new holland square baler

    makes about 65 good bales and then starts to miss tying on left and knotter any ideas why
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    315 newholland square baler

    Do you need to prime the hydraulic tention pump after its been apart? How do you go about priming if needed?
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    percheron colt

    yep his hard ware is gone
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    percheron colt

    just bought a 2 year old unbroken percheron hes halter broke but pretty bossy any suggestions
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    manure spreader

    I have an older case manure spreader in good shape ---wondering how tight should the table chains be
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    Leaky toilet - wax ring?

    dont know about your climate --- but up here in canada ,if we dont have a lined tank we can get a lot of condensation
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    thanx a whole bunch going to get at it tomorrow
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    have a 930 case ----alternator was shot ---bought a used one ----old one had only 2 wires coming out new one has 3 ----need a little advice
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    Hearing aids

    Anyone ever buy hearing aids on line???
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    Is it nessessary to dock the tails ----not that I'm a bleeding heart-----but I prefer to leave the tails alone (they will undoubtably spend a lot of time in the pasture with no shortage of flies------At the same time I don't want to have a terrible wreck and break my neck
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    just got a couple percheron colts ----when is the best time to castrate -----one pretty good horse man told me now (8 months )-----just want a second opinion
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    Protect the coyote,kill the humans

    friend of mine put a camera by a coyote den last spring-----that old girl dragged in 14 fawns in six weeks ----plus birds ect.
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    Knee surgery for our house tomorrow . . .

    A year ago I had knee replacement ,then I fell on the ice--they had to go in and replace parts ,then I got infection----They had to operate again and take out all the parts ,they put a block in to keep the bones apart,I was on heavy duty IV medication for 3 months ---then they put a new knee in...
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    I hate it when people brag!

    coyotes----they got half my chickens ------their numbers have sky rocketed ---we don't have many young people hunting anymore
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    I hate it when people brag!

    sure wish I had some of you sharp shooting yanks up here in Canada
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    Need help on an old post

    kind of a bad start :D
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    BP (Boston Pizza)

    I'm a little curious as to why they would be advertiseing canadian beef in missouri----but its a good thing :D