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    Weather and conception

    Gonna A I a big group around 3pm, temp is gonna be 60, hopefully will be done around 5. Now by 7 temp is supposed to drop 30 degrees, opinions will it mess with conception? I'm gonna say and hope not, but never had this drastic of a change in 2 hrs.
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    Mineral Cost

    Friend called me yesterday asked if ive ordered my fly control mineral, said be sitting when they tell me, he was right!!! Up $6 per bag. was told some suppliers of micro something of which theres only 2 factories in the world, 1 had burned down and they shut the other down for doing...
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    Charlo 16879074 looks like we all need to use him. First 5 at SAV, Charlo sons I think flush mates $2,260,000 pretty good start to a sale.
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    ? About buying bred heifers

    MidTN Brangus touched on this, thought I'd go a step further. Bull A Ced.....BW.......WW.......YW.......Milk......$B 15.......-1....... ...40........65........14.......145 Bull B CED.......BW........WW........YW......Milk......$B 12.......... 0...........65.........120.......25.......130 Now...
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    Vets comments on long range wormer

    I'm certainly no vet, and not sure what he is basing that on. I used it last year, the product worked great for me, cows looked good slick and shinny( could be a great grass year) I have always wormed twice a year but this last fall I did a sample, out of 5 groups only 1 group had any eggs, so...
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    PF50 Geonomics

    Was looking at the Tour of Duty thread. Was wondering what good these tests are if they can be that far off in a 18 month span? No matter if the dame was wrong, markers should be markers? I really don't understand how its all done. I know theres 2 sides to it. He Has about 1000 calves turned in...
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    2015 Superduty

    Looking at a new cab and chassis with a 6.7l powerstroke with automatic transmission. Does anybody know anything about these? Ive never had a ford other than the old beater i have now, always had GMs. Wasnt even thinking about a new truck, but the dealership says they have Lifetime warranty on...
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    Mad Bull

    Just sold the heifers away from the clean up bull. Dont think he is happy with me.http://ranchers.net/photopost/data/500/ ... 121028.jpg Cant figure out the picture thing anyway it was a great shot with his tounge out.
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    new plan worked

    Implemented a new breeding plan Dec 1st A.I d all fall calvers turned bull in on Dec 15th left him in for 36 days pulled him on Jan 20th wanting around a 45 day breeding season anything not bred would have to go got blood results back on 22 going to loose just 1 plus had a spring calver loose a...
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    SQ Credence 67S

    Has anyone used this bull I bought this semen from a guy that was selling out. His #s look pretty good Acc maybe a little low yet but hes a young bull. I have 2 pretty good hiefiers i was gonna use Dash on but i got this semen and dont know alot about him, any info would be appreciated.
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    freeze branding liquid nitrogen or dry ice

    I helped a guy brand his catttle he used dry ice and i think methanol cost was around 60 dollars i can get the same amount of liquid nitrogen for about 25 dollars i want to do mine but im not sure about the liquid nitrogen does it evaporate quicker how long do you hold the irons on i know 75 sec...
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    5 day cidr program

    i read in sim talk a new sync program where you leave the cidr in for 5 days and 2 shots of prostaglandin the second 2 hours after the first says they get 10% better conception on heifiers using this just wondering if anyone has tried this method.