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    SAV Cattlemaster

    Semen available from ST. Just wondering why he didn’t get more usage. EPDs look good. He was born in 2014 and most EPD accuracies are in the .4 range. Maybe he was used more in commercial herds. Picture, for what it’s worth, is on ST website.
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    Angus CED EPD

    Why is there so much lag time turning in BW data and the calculation of CED. An example would be AAA Reg#17956722. It shows 1 progeny for CED, 64 for BW, 61 for WW and 32 progeny for YW. Why would an animal with 32 Yearling weights turned in only have 1 progeny for CED.
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    Another Dispersal

    Just noticed another large seedstock operation is doing a complete dispersal. Curtin Land and Cattle selling over 400 head in March.
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    Marda Blacksmith

    Anyone used Marda Blacksmith reg# 18460820. He will be turning 3 years old shortly so should have some calves on the ground. Considering using him and wondering if the calving ease EPD is real and how the calves looked. Also anyone used his sire, Connealy Black Granite, in a fescue environment...
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    Cow family dilution

    I know a lot of emphasis is placed upon cow families but isn’t there a lot of dilution of the traits of a cow family over time. Unless someone is linebreeding I would think the use of different bulls over several generations would dilute a lot of the traits of the cow family. I would like to...
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    Cellulosic Waste

    Does anyone know if the waste from ethanol plants that will use cellulose based materials will be suitable for cattle feed. My guess is that there will be research done to utilize it in some manner.
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    Wehrmann's sale

    A quick glance at the offering in Wehrmann's sale catalog shows about 75% of the offering to be POTENTIAL DD carriers. Is this going to adversely affect the sale?
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    Hay Prices

    I know hay is getting expensive in the southwest but I didn't think it would get to this stage around here. I am in central IL and just saw an add for 2010 alfalfa hay priced $350/ton. I've seen several ads for around $250 /ton and thought that was high.
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    Missouri Futurity Sale

    Does anyone have the results of the Missouri Angus Futurity sale? Thanks
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    Ongoing calving problems

    I have a small herd of apporx. 18-20 cows. I have been breeding the heifers and either keeping or selling the better ones. Most of the bulls become steers and are used for freezer beef. I have been doing this for about 9 years. In this time I have had one calf that I lost at calving. My problem...
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    R/M Ironstone

    Has anyone seen R/M Ironstone in person and if so what are your opinions for use as a terminal sire with the possibility of replacement heifers for carcass oriented producers. ABS lists his weight as 3200 lbs. That seems to be extremely large for a Future Direction son. Thanks for any info
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    Cobett Waterers

    I want to install an automatic waterer that will not require any electricity run to it. I am considering the Cobett brand. I am in the midwest just east of St. Louis. I was going to go with the shortest version of Cobett. Does anyone have any ideas on which is best, the floatless valve or the...
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    SydGen Sale

    I attended the SydGen sale on 11/21/09. I was impressed with the quality of the sale. I thought the sale price on females was down from previous years, but bulls seemed to sell pretty good. My main purpose on going was to view some of their AI bulls that I am considering using. I was very...
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    Sale barn weight discrepancy

    I recently took two older cull cows to the sale barn. I ran them across my scales. One weighed 1565 and the other one weighed 1270. I dropped them off and left. When I got my check in the mail, they had one at 1210 and one at 1250. I called and asked about it and basically was blown off. I think...
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    Pedigree Accuracy

    I have often wondered how accurate the pedigrees on cattle really are. I think there are more mistakes that a lot of people realize. Over the last year or so I have found mistakes in purebred breeders catalogs a total of three times. Each time the discrepancy was discovered when the Genestar...
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    Sunny Valley Dispersal

    Looks like another large angus breeder is dispersing. The Illinois division of Sunny Valley is set for last of Feb. May be some good buys available.
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    Woodhill Foresight

    Has anyone used Woodhill Foresight this past year and if so did you have any problems with the semen. I used 10 units of him on 7 different cows and was 0 for 10. The success rate of the rest of my AI was around 60% for timed AI. Just wondering if there may have been a problem with his semen or...
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    I am considering using Mix30 as a free choice supplement while feeding grass hay. Any problems feeding it free choice? It looks like it doesn't have any limiters in it. Salesman says there is none and cows will only consume as much as needed typically 2-4 lbs per day. Thanks
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    SydGen Sale

    Anyone attending the SydGen sale on Saturday 11/22/08. I was planning on going if it time permits. I think they have "honest" cattle. They don't get real fancy just good solid cattle. I noticed they had quite a bit of 1680 in their cattle and was wondering how they were going to handle the sale...
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    AI Stud Life Expectancy

    I was looking through the SydGen sale catalog that came with the Nov Angus Journal. They actually list which reference sires are deceased. There was a lot of them that were deased and were 4 years old or less. Do most breeders that the longevitity of AI studs into consideration in their...