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    Embryo's and Semen

    How do you locate your embryo's and semen ?
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    Weed and Brush controll on fence lines

    What do you use for weed controll along the fences ? Same as for mesquite and huisache ? I am in Central Texas, San Antonio area. Thanx
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    Tracing cattle through slaughter

    Okay from lot's of reading I gather that I need to see what the slaughter houses are looking for inorder to gauge the qaulity of my cattle. I also understand that I should get involved in the Ranch to Rail program inorder to follow my cattle through slaughter. In the interm how would I go...
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    Signing in as Guest

    I agree that L4, Dun , CC and many others are of value to the boards, they have provided me with a lot of useful information and I get irritated when I see them attacked. Likewise I can relate to having some idea of whom I am conversing with and at the same time I understand being intimidated...
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    Creatures of Habit ?

    We have had a bit more rain again down here in the San Antonio area and our place borders a 600 acre lake. On the edge of a cove the road swings pretty close (100 yards )to the lake and for what ever reason the herd has been using the road quite a bit this year. Well the lake has swollen and...
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    One for Viki the Vet

    Viki, I am afraid that this is an obvios question but I have to ask. Do bovine fetuses release a bovine form of HGH through the placenta into the mothers bloodstream which is then spilled into the urine ?
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    Minerals for South Central Texas

    Any recommendations on a mineral program for the South Central Texas area (South San Antonio to eb exact.) ?
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    A nieghbor of mine was telling me that he gave his young Brahma bull a shot in the neck the other day and it died within 30 minutes. Is this common ? :shock:
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    Bangs Tag

    Good morning all, Back in December I purchased a Cow/Calf pair at the SaleBarn. Boy, that should open up the furry. Anyway, I thought she was a good looking cow but needed some feed and attention. Here it is end of April and she is a wonderful looking cow now and her calf is out of this...
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    I appreciate all of the information everyone has been sharing with me and would like to ask one more dumb question. I keep hearing talk of cattle being all over the grid ??????? I thought if I scratched my head long enough I could figure it out but all I get is balder. :?
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    Feed lots

    New ot the cattle world, bought some calf cow pairs and want to maximize the return. Do I sell the steers outright at 500-600 pounds or send them to a feedlot @ 700-800 pounds ? Help out a greenhorn.
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    So, I am new to the cattle world. Bought calf cow pairs, when the calfs get older do I send the steers to a feed lot or sell them outright ? I want the maximuim return, heard you talk about feedlots and hedging but don't have a clue. Thanx