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    Texas and others weather

    What's the pasture situation and conditions like in Texas and others drought areas? Have heard different reports. One says the better and improving and the other says dry and for a while.
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    Horse slaughter

    No one has commented on the new changes in horse slaughter. Looks like indians are ready for a plant. Who ever takes the risk to open a plant will be rolling in money as long a thing dont get shut down by September. Yakima tribe (my grandmother is a enrolled trible member) has huge issues, along...
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    Whats it take

    What kinda hp does it take to run a 3x3 or 3x4 baler?
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    Feed Mixers

    Any home made feed mixers out there? My summer project, I pick up a 62 FWD plow truck gonna turn it into a feed mixer.
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    Donor Production

    I havn't flushed befor. I was curious if after flushing a donor her production of natural calves was affected at all; or maybe performace? Are they flushed multiple times per heat with an average of 6-12 embroys or an average of 6-12 per flush? Thanks
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    Calving out Heifers for others

    Any of you ever paid or charged to calve out heifers? What's the general price? They pay for feed.
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    whats your marketing strategies for this year

    or what's working for you? I'm kinda doin what I've done in the past; only a little erlier this year. We have a sale in September that is said to be a really good sale. I plan to wean my calves around the 1st of August. Givin a six way and eight way then boosterin with a six and eight way then...
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    Emissions Tax for Livestock

    Was talkin with some friends last night and they said they were watching a show about a new law tring to be passed that would charge an emission tax on livestock. Supposed to be 120 per head for dairy; 80 per head for beef cattle; and 20 a head for hogs. Has anyone heard of this? I looked it up...
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    Blue's new brand

    Just thought I would throw up a pic how did I make it small
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    Commen Sense

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKFKGrmsBDk Notice how well he says hindquarters :clap: :clap: :clap: :banana: :banana: :banana: :clap: :nod: :nod: :nod:
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    Farm Subsidies

    Was curious how most everyone felt about them. Me another guy talkin. He thinks if not for the subsidies it would be a more competitive fair market. Not to mention commodities would be price quite higher. "Last year we managed ten dollar a bushel grain and people still managed." I don't...
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    Why are we bankrupt

    WHY ARE WE BANKRUPT? Informative, and mind boggling! You think the war in Iraq is costing us too much? Read this: Boy, was I confused. I have been hammered with the propaganda that it is the Iraq war and the war on terror that is bankrupting us. I now find that to be RIDICULOUS. I hope...
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    Hellooooo Dolly

    This is a holden cow of mine with 180L on the top side, she had three DOD and five SOD in her Pedigree. Thats a bull calve out of my 703 bull. He's two weeks old and had a BW of 77 lbs. This is 718. She has Domino 484 on her top and Mister mom 7745 on her bottom. These pictures dont do here...
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    3070; 8020; 4011

    If you were to compare these three Herefords bulls what would you say about them? I have a really good Dominator son that is a coming two year old. He has been throwin 70 lbs calves out of the heifers. Havn't had any out of the cows yet; but soon to come. I have a few Domino 3070 A.I. calves on...
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    Do you think they froze?

    What do you think? Have another cow that has one teat that is all black but not normally black.
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    Some beach some where

    five below with a 10 to 15 mile hour wind. Atleast I had them in the corrals with some wind break.
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    Winter Pasture

    I have 20 acres of alfalfa that was seeded late last spring. We got one cutting off it and were looking at a second. Got the water late to irrigate, pulled water off just about dry enough to cut then we got some pretty good rain this weekend. A lot of dew this time of year and ground needs to...
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    Thoughtson this bull?

    Thats UPS Domino 3027 My thought a great bull
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    Cost of Flush

    Whats the general Cost to flush cows? I have some Fall Yearling Heifers I would like to flush and sell eggs on, then push them over to spring calvers. Would you suggest flushing heifers? I have little brains in this area. What's the marketablity of eggs from yearling heifers? They have stacked...
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    How many; if any are making your own Biofuel? If not many of you are, why not?