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    Cost of Using a Maternal Bull ?

    Performance traits are the most heritable so there can be some good there. Otherwise, a blind stab.
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    Old sires in the tank. JUNEAU , EXT, Right Time

    I have wondered how the Wulff bull would work. Pricy to buy but I have seen a few daughters that seemed useful. Never saw a son - wonder if that is due to SC EPD. RT will sire too much hair here - more of a heavy fuzz. But he sets a type in daughters that I can see ASAP. Quite attractive...
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    Training collar.

    Do they work on people/spouses/kids? :lol:
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    Cost of Using a Maternal Bull ?

    Breed for the target and not for the extremes. A maternal bull will have less mature size and weight in daughters and sons but it does not mean that they are low growth. Study up on cattle that grow well early and then do not make mature monsters. If you call short pudgy cattle "maternal" the...
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    Pressure regulators on water lines

    Municipal water lines have surges and water hammer. They will say "no we don't". It's just a part of the whole so yes they do. We had to install 2 pressure regulators back to back on a supply line just off of the meter base to keep from popping pipes and fittings. One would not do it. Now, all...
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    Durable Hay Rack Tires ?

    Do you put goop, slime, whatever brand in the tires? Hard to beat unless it is a big puncture.
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    Triticale/rye planting dilemma

    They never sprout in the bag.
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    Barenbrug fescue seed

    It means that it has not made a full stand in 3 years. That is not a great accomplishment and never will be. Missouri Southern Seeds and it is novel with a history back into AR from 10+ years ago. A twisted story. Yes, the OG will establish better than the novels and will be there. We are in...
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    Barenbrug fescue seed

    I would consider Estancia, too. The yields are not the issues in all of these novel fescues. Where we lose money and pasture potential the most is on stand persistence. You mentioned one that does not do so well. I've seen that repeatedly. The row patterns are obvious 2 or 3 years after planting...
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    Usually coarse feed is a player.
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    California to ban gas powered cars in the future...

    They will move to third world status via laws and regulations. I am sure that the fire fighting vehicles will have lots of outlets in the burning woods and neighborhoods. Especially when they turn the power grid off. If they would go to wood burning cars they could use up a lot of the dead trees...
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    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg...........

    That is a double edged sword. She was an activist. She had a cause. She got on the court. She functioned as an activist. That it not balanced law. That is a person with a personally chosen cause who promotes their cause.
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    Managing Forests vs. Blaming Climate Change

    Forestry management is based on science. Why exclude science from such an important discussion?
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    Sounds more like a calcium issue.
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    Managing Forests vs. Blaming Climate Change

    I doubt it. Love and politics are blind.
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    Wanting to plant some winter pasture

    A waste of seed on a good fescue stand. Frost seed white and red clover in late winter by broadcasting for the best bang for your buck.
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    There you go again, spoiling a great story line with the truth. You'll never make a reporter.
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    Treating a cow with an ovarian cyst

    Ask the Vet. If it is heritable, cull both now and forget the future with this pair.
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    Bulking and feeling extremely lethargic

    Eat more bacon.
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    Cow Longevity

    Longevity search depends on your end game. Pure commercial- sell before the final decline as bred cows, fat opens or on an age to increase income and avoid tax issues. Purebred or a commercial operation that raises the replacement heifers - a no-brainer. Here, I had a list for something else...