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    Arched Back Cow

    We have a cow, that seems to be standing with an arched back. This is not a typical stance for her, we've had her 3 years now. She is due to calve in late Feb/Mar....... To me it appears to be pre-calving stance, but CAN'T be! Her BC = 6 and feeds well. Any ideas would be helpful.
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    I can't breath

    For the last (3) years when I have gone to the cattle show and auction, I develop a cough and have trouble breathing, within 30 minutes of being there. I go outside, recover in 15 minutes or so, then back in and it re-develops. I work here on the farm with cattle all day and never have an...
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    Effects of Japans New Ban on Feeder Prices

    I was planning to run my backgrounded steers to market next week. But now I'm not so sure that is a good idea. Any thoughts, on what you would do?
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    Comments On The Bull

    OK I'm in.... here is our bull, and we're ready for your comments. The first pic is last summer as a 2yr old, after breeding, second is this winter as he turns 3. He is a registered 3/4Simmental 1/4Angus, son of ShannaganF5. His EPD's are as follows: CE-11, BW-1, WW-23 YW-51, MCE-7 .... STATS...
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    Hen House Theif

    We lost 7 laying chickens last night. Something got in and ate the heads off then left the bodies! Wondering if anyone has ant ideas what it may be and suggestions on trapping or poisons. We live in South Dakota, waterway is about 1/2 mile away but frozen. We are thinking it might be a mink...