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  1. ollie

    Terminal sire recommendations

    Later. Don't let the door hit ya.
  2. ollie

    Terminal sire recommendations

    I agree with Mike as well. Lots of good bulls in every breed . I just think your knowledge is limited Commercial Cattleman from Tenn. Editing just to also say I am fairly familiar with the Saler breed and like other breeds there is junk , junk , junk . Lots of them with pedigrees, epds, and...
  3. ollie

    R.A. Brown Ranch sale catalog online

    They better bring good money Scott. The RAB is progressive and in the forefront of several breeds. They have all the data to back up their stock anyone could ask for. If theirs don't sell well it doesn't bode too well for the beef business.
  4. ollie

    R.A. Brown Ranch sale catalog online

    Good luck Kelly. The catalog is very tempting. The food alone sounds like it is worth a trip to Texas. Might just see you there.
  5. ollie

    R.A. Brown Ranch sale catalog online

    That was my point Kelly. :D What are we having for lunch ?
  6. ollie

    R.A. Brown Ranch sale catalog online

    If I go Frankie, yours and your husbands lunch is on me! :D
  7. ollie

    Saler cattle

    :D WOW :D
  8. ollie

    Saler cattle

    He is the cut-n-paste man from Tenn.
  9. ollie

    R.A. Brown Ranch sale catalog online

    R.A. Brown Ranches sale is Wed. Oct. the 12. Should be a good one. Lots of cattle and honest trustworthy people. If you are going to take one home with you you better raise your hand. They have lots of cattle to sell that day. I think it will be a fast paced sale...
  10. ollie

    Gelbvieh ?'s

    I know I am fixing to take a beating here but the right kind of Saler is my favorite exotic. Second I like a Charolais. I am not a Gelbvieh fan. They don't have the foot and leg structure , at least on the ones I have seen that the Simmental cattle do. As Dun said they also don't have as wide of...
  11. ollie

    Problem with feeding red angus heifers.

    If you are feeding them twice a day, pour the feed out , turn your bucket over and set on it for 15min. What they didn't clean up put back in the bucket and throw it back in the feed bin. The next feeding take them however much they cleaned up the feeding before plus a handfull or two. Do that...
  12. ollie

    Killing herd bull.

    She is a victor domino bred cow. Not too typical for the ones I have seen though. She is real thick and heavy made , just short legged.
  13. ollie

    investing in new clippers

    I prefer 10's on a 2.5 in head. I don't fit all that much but can a little. I have a set of Andis , square grip. They have been fine but you have your hand over the calf for longer periods and have more opportunity to cut a hole. I will usually do some finish work with Andis a day or two before...
  14. ollie

    AI'd my first cow today.

    JHH I think Dun is saying if you deposit the semen late you'll get more heifers. If you deposit the semen too far away you'll get more bulls???? I think I got that right.
  15. ollie

    AI'd my first cow today.

    Most A.I. protocalls that I am aware of call for placing the semen in front of the cervix and not into each uterine horn. I do know a man that has great success at A.I. that deposits the semen in both horns. 21 days is the accepted interval for the cows usual cycle. Most on my farm come in heat...
  16. ollie

    Pic of a pair

    They look green to me. How long have they been on full feed?
  17. ollie

    hey ollie

    That I did my friend, that I did! Say, I wasn't going to mention it and it is none of my business but, all these young , thin, ladies bringing by the homemade soup and jello for you to eat...these your sisters or .....you go to church with them... what is the deal?
  18. ollie

    hey ollie

    Bigbull your head swelling just hasn't gone down any . It is still the size of a small propane tank on end with a big ol' gummy smile. We are out of food . My job is done here. I'll be moving on. There is a friend I want to visit with before hard winter sets in . You take care of yourself you...
  19. ollie

    Newest Guru

    There has been a mistake made. Macon has me counted for over two hundred more posts than I have made. I only have a few more than 700. Guru isn't something to be taken lightly as I have said before. I certainly think/hope I'll get there some day but for now....not yet. Just type ollie in the...
  20. ollie

    legal question