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  1. SBMF 2015

    Chains and binders?

    We use G70 5/16" chain. You can get it at Harbor freight reasonable. Get the style binders that your most comfortable with.
  2. SBMF 2015

    New Wild hog bait/poison

    The DNR has been playing around with air dropping MGA to whitetails in an effort to non lethality control the deer population.
  3. SBMF 2015

    Pellet Puker.

    Pretty county. Good looking cows.
  4. SBMF 2015

    Pellet Puker.

    Pretty county. Good looking cows.
  5. SBMF 2015

    Will constantly keeping hay in front of cattle make them bloat?

    My cows get just what they'll clean up. One group would eat a bale and a half every 2 days. They get 1 bale every 2 days. They get silage, shell corn, and supp every night. Mine sort through the hay a whole lot less if you don't put as much in front of them.
  6. SBMF 2015

    Ground Beef

    YES, you still need to hang her. Not as long 5-6 days compared to 10-14 days to cut her up. If you don't you'll have some pretty bloody hamburger.
  7. SBMF 2015

    Favorite quotes

    Trouble should not be borrowed or lent.
  8. SBMF 2015

    Dam beavers

    Don't know what the cost would be, but a guy that used to work for us had cowboyed in Montana a couple years. He said a gal milk jug of Tanerite and stand back. When you touch it off get ready, the beavers that are left will come out to fix the dam.
  9. SBMF 2015

    Ear tags

    Some cows just earn the right to die on the place.
  10. SBMF 2015

    Anyone got a simple contract for this?

    Lee is right. I sure would have a witness sign it. That way if you ever have to deal with someone other than the land lords there will be less gray area for people to question
  11. SBMF 2015

    Parasite or disease?

    All most looks photosensitive. I've seen it in horses. What jltrent is saying looks like a possibility. Never heard of it before. very interesting. Keep us posted.
  12. SBMF 2015

    Stunted Angus Steer

    Was he in with cattle before? He may be just getting used to his new home. I would keep him away from the pine trees. Give him some probiotics and some Vit B to see if you can perk his appetite. I would get him another bovine friend. Are you sure he's a year old? Sometimes you get one that just...
  13. SBMF 2015

    Ear tags

    Yes the basic yellow tagger works great. I think I have put A tags in with a Z tagger before. I know I have used my A tagger to put Z tags in before. I like the yellow A tagger a lot better than the blk plastic Z tagger. You could probably use cow size tags on calves with our hurting them. I...
  14. SBMF 2015

    Beef cow newbie - don't know what I don't know!

    If you have them for six months I would expect them to gain between 5-600lbs. When they get around 1,100lbs then transition to finishing. Once I get a group eating well I usually bump them up 1/2lb a week.
  15. SBMF 2015

    Beef cow newbie - don't know what I don't know!

    Welcome to CT! Lots of good people and info here. A lot will depend on what your calves are eating when you get them. Typically a growing ration is 1% of their body weight in corn each day. A finishing ration is 2% of their body in in corn each day. A 32% type grower supplement will be fine.
  16. SBMF 2015

    CSA and custom exempt butchering

    Not sure about IA, but in IL I think you would be asking for trouble.
  17. SBMF 2015

    Sold long weaned heifers

    I would be happy to! This grain market is really starting to weigh down the feeder cattle prices around here.
  18. SBMF 2015

    Harvest and cleaning....

    Beef 10-14 days. Hogs 4-6 days. My Grandpa used to hang hogs in the runway of the corn crib with the doors pulled shut. Dad said you'd have to go in there every once in a while and chase the barn cats away.
  19. SBMF 2015

    What clippers do you recommend?

    What time of year are you freeze branding? We're getting ready to do a bunch in a couple weeks. I use sheep shears first to get rid of the mud and long hair then surgical clippers to finish up. We don't have a blower, but I like that idea.
  20. SBMF 2015

    What clippers do you recommend?

    I use JD multi lube its cheaper than regular clipper lube. If the clippers are really dirty I use a hand air wand and blow them off with the air compressor. I have learned the hard way; DON'T WRAP THE CORD AROUND THE CLIPPERS TO STORE THEM. Over time the cord cracks and shorts out. Then you...