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    JD 6405 tractor

    Anyone know much about these tractors? Tell me the good and bad please. I may go look at one and need a loader tractor.
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    feeding distillers grains

    If you were going to mix one other commodity feed with distillers for feeder calves what would it be? What would be the most economical and get the best rate of gain? They can be bought in trailer loads and mixed in a reel auggie wagon.
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    NH 6750 disc mower

    I bought a new mower and have been running it but noticed after cutting for about 4 hours that the gear box was so hot you could not hold your hand on it. The oil levels are good but wondered if anyone has noticed this on yours if you have a mower like it.
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    New Holland disc mowers 3 point

    As bad as I hate it I am going to have to buy a mower soon. Does anyone have anything against these mowers? If so tell me about it. I will be getting a modular cutter bar mower and dont want a fluid filled bar again. Would consider a Vermeer also.
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    Ground Rice Hulls

    Does anyone on here use these in a ration? If so tell me about it please.
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    Cracked cutter bars on Kuhn disc mowers

    There was someone on a site that told me about a person they knew that was dealing in cutterbars that were cracked and mainly Kuhns. Was it someone on this site? Does anyone know of a business like this?
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    NH disc mowers

    I am looking at a new H6750 NH disc mower. Does anyone have one or this design? I just started looking and I am going to look at a Vermeer also but like some of the features on the NH. I got a cash price of 8495.00 on it. All I know is I do not want another fluid filled cutter bar.
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    Vermeer 9 foot disc mower

    Does anyone on here have one of these or know the good ,bad and ugly of one? I am going to have to get another mower this year and I am thinking I will look at these. I want one that will hold up for a very long time. I take care of my equipment and expect it to. Thanks.
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    F-250 super duty transmission noisey

    I have a 99 250 super duty 5.4 liter 2 wheel drive truck with 95000 on it. The truck is a 5 speed manual and in higher rpms in gears 3 through 5 it makes a chattering noise. When you put your ear on the shifter you cant hear it but it is coming from the trans area. The U joints are tight and the...
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    Krone disc mowers

    Does anyone own a Krone disc mower or tell me what you know about them either good or bad. Going to have to buy another mower soon and I am looking at brands. Got a Kuhn now and having problems.
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    Cracked cutter bar on Kuhn 700 GMD II HD

    Has anyone had this problem or know of anyone that has? It is cracked down by the shoe that is next to the tractor. Dealer says never heard of it and sales rep also but you know how that goes. I had an older Kuhn that I traded in on this one and it was 17 years old with no problems. It was a 6...