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    I've got 40k and a desire...

    Im not going to give you another another opinion on what you should do with your life or how much you should spend on a new tractor but I will tell you how I would do this if I was the one doing it. There is enough land for sale between 300-700 an acre in numerous states you should be able to...
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    Feeding sunflower seeds

    Just curious anyone know if there is any difference in feeding the confection seeds and oil seeds? Do they use the confection in feed mill ground ration? Or does it make no difference?
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    Feeding sunflower seeds

    whole seeds. I believe they are confection.
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    Feeding sunflower seeds

    I did a search on this and didnt come up with much besides it being mixed in a ration. I was talking to my brother today and he said his boss is giving us a semi load of sunflower seeds they just picked something about it didnt weigh enough or test weight. So has anyone feed straight...
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    Mule Deer & Antelope

    If you head west Kansas has both avalible to hunt. Muley muzzle loader tags can be purchased over the counter, rifle tags will require a preference point. There are a lot of walk in hunting with good access to sand hill property. Antelope take some preference points to draw 2 or 3 for muzzie...
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    High tensile temporary fence.

    I think you have it figured out. If you have solid wood post on both side you will not need more than rebar or fiberglass posts in the middle. I would wire the insulator in and leave it. Then wire the insulator to the end posts as needed so you dont ever change the length of the wire. It will be...
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    Backgrounding questions

    He baled a field of corn that did not produce enough to pick and has a couple hundred bales from that but wont feed it unless we get ice or snow. He is on just wheat and I dont think the feed lot would buy any hay or feed they are paying you to feed them your grass. As for green calves that...
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    Backgrounding questions

    I posted this on the other backgrounding thread as well. My wifes uncle has a contract on 500+ calves at .75 a day per hd. Feedlot trucks and buys meds. He will run them around 100 days. A lot of variation on input. Hauling water and moving fence or the cattle can require a lot input or very...
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    Anyone backgrounding ?

    My wifes uncle is backgrounding about 750 hd right now. He contracted around 530 from a feedlot for a price per head per day or pds per day whatever is greater, bought 180 of his own and about 30 second trimester cows that he will calve out and sell as pairs in late spring. The feed lot trucked...
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    Shortbed trucks and goosenecks

    I opened this thread expecting to see some pics but no dice. I guess thats a good thing for you at least.
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    Feeding Ear Corn

    One, I cant see that as a very efficient way to feed the cornfield. Two, I'm pretty sure I dont wanna be screwing around with moving fence when its 20 below wind chill! My cows get wintered on avg/good hay plus 3-4 lbs of grain daily during Dec-Feb to add some extra energy. I ease off the...
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    Pistol suggestion?

    Dont own one yet but I have shot it in 45 and really like it. In 9mm version the clips hold 20 or 23 rounds(where legal) a guy could waste ammo pretty quick with that.
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    Feeding Ear Corn

    If your picking the corn, then grazing the stalks and feeding the ground or ear corn why not strip graze standing corn and not pick it in the first place?
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    Our Feeding Situation

    Kinda off topic but are those sections of concrete with post set in them or are they planks of wood? Do you shovel the hay down or let them eat up to the pile then move the fence closer? Is there significant extra waste with the hay being piled outside? 20 questions I guess. Thanks Scott
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    What can a friendly 150 pound donkey do?

    +1 Tie a fair calf to a donkey, the donkey will kick the snot out of it till it leads around where ever the donkey goes. You will be able to lead that calf anywhere. Scott
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    Pistol suggestion?

    Ill vote 9mm. You can get ammo for it anywhere on the cheap and anyone can shoot it. My wife shoots mine no problem. Scott
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    Bred cows on winter wheat

    I dont have any calving heifers so that wouldnt be a problem. All my cows are between four and twelve years of age. I think I will rotate them on and off and just wont let them get to thick. I wont even put them on it till Jan at the earliest and graze it through the coldest of winter. Thanks...
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    Stihl chansaws arent so tough

    I dont care for the new stihl saws. I got one a year or two ago and have not used it too much there arent very many trees around here but the bar adjustment is plastic which = junk. It also has the assisted start feature which i dont care for- you dont have to pull as hard. I would say i could...
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    Bred cows on winter wheat

    Just winter wheat.
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    Bred cows on winter wheat

    Does any one run there spring calving cows on winter wheat? I havent previously but have some avalible. Would the cows get to fat/ calves get to big if they were rotated on and off a week or so at a time? Curious to know how many people have successfully done this with out calving issues in...