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    Your pasture management

    I have always wanted to try that with the fescue to see if it would work. I think it should.
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    New Holland T.4 75

    Oh man that is a nice tractor and would like to have one just like it. I have been looking for one that size but cant seem to find one that suits me. They are high and you dont know what has gone on with them either. I want a green one but just not impressed with the price or the looks of the...
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    JD 6405 tractor

    Anyone know much about these tractors? Tell me the good and bad please. I may go look at one and need a loader tractor.
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    Hay Unrolling?

    I would not like one of those type mainly because on windy days it would blow away. I like the other type and they keep the hay flater on the ground plus moving the hay is better with them. Lots cheaper too.
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    Hay Unrolling?

    I unroll hay and have one group with 45-50 in it and use 5x6 rolls. I have paddocks and I will unroll a full roll if the weather is cold in one paddock and the next a half and so on. I turn to the full roll in the morning and about 3:00 pm I turn to the half roll. I the weather is warmer and...
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    Protein/Mineral Tubs

    My experience with Rangeland products is not good and I would call it junk. They will eat those tubs like candy and will be too expensive to feed. Forage Star makes a good tub and MLS seems to be good too. They are high but consumption is low because they have to lick them and cant eat them.
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    Do people not think cattle are kept on grass?

    Exactly, and most people dont think because they dont have much to think with. I really think humans are going backwards, and have really come to this conclusion in the last 4 or 5 years. Maybe I am getting old.
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    kuhn gmd 700

    I used to have one and put it on a JD 2955. I have a NH 6750 now and it handles both fine but it has some weight to it also that newer tractors dont have.
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    dog fennel

    I dont think you will keep the clover and kill the dog fennel. If you have it as bad as you say dont worry about the clover because it is doing far more damage to you than no clover will. I had some but cleaned it up with forefront. Grazon will do it too I think but not sure. I sprayed mine when...
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    Disc mower

    The cutter bars can crack on the Kuhns and it will happen on the 700s and larger most times although I do know of a 600 that cracked. I had a 700 that cracked that I bought new.
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    Wifes new toy I got her today

    One thing about it the more she mows the better her buttocks will look. haha :D
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    How do you feed your hay rolls?

    I unroll too and would quit if I had to go back to feeding in rings. Never for cows again. Calves I am feeding still eat out of a ring.
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    Opinion on cattle and corn prices, 2012 and

    A friend that feeds cattle likes heifers for that reason. You buy them cheaper and you have more options if things get bad. You can keep and breed and sell as bread heifers or calve them out if needed. With steers they have to go at some point.
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    feeding distillers grains

    The distillers is wet. I know everything is high but seems like there should be something out there that will do the job but is economical too. We have used rice hulls before but they have little feed value and just fiber really and have used gin trash which is better but is a seasonal thing...
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    feeding distillers grains

    If you were going to mix one other commodity feed with distillers for feeder calves what would it be? What would be the most economical and get the best rate of gain? They can be bought in trailer loads and mixed in a reel auggie wagon.
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    Longhorn Bull (pic)

    He is too thick for a longhorn.
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    Backwards calves

    Move you calving out farther from winter. Give the cows a little time between winter and calving and the cows will get a little condition on them and the calves will be stronger.
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    Calf with a broken leg

    I have had several broken legs through the years and they all did real well. It will heal and you wont be able to tell which calf it was in time.
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    Tractors with frontend loaders

    That is one nice tractor and has the looks to go with it.
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    First calf of the season is premature

    Could be lepto or BVD. You can have trouble even though they have been vacc.