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    Fried Policeman

    I'm a 911 dispatcher, you would be amazed at some of the things you hear......
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    do you have...

    Full coverage paid completely by my job. Huge Perk
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    Need some new music

    Get some Jason Boland, Reckless Kelly, CCR,Stoney LaRue, and Wade Bowen, good Texas country :cboy: :banana:
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    Do all Texas folks think like this?

    Biggest problem with her statement, is that we encroached on their habitat, hogs are not native to the U.S. they were brought over and accidentally or purposely released on a habitat with no natural predators. Being an animal that can breed quickly and with many young, their population...
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    Tell me this won't happen to us.

    Being a 911 dispatcher, i almost bet #1 is true...
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    One of those mornings you should have stayed in bed

    reminds me of a fellow who managed to get a volvo excavator stuck in the pecos in new mexico, he managed to get water over the seat and in the engine, needless to say it was totaled.. and he if memory serves me well, his job security ended
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    War Games

    it seems they are warming up for something here in west texas too, i've noticed a few huge 4 prop planes (b52's? i dunno) flying low around here the last few days.
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    i think i had that teacher :shock:
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    Any Cajuns around?-Vacation ideas in La. to Fl.

    mmmm cafe du monde chickory coffee, powdered sugar and beneighs... or however you spell it.... (donuts)
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    Gas powered pole saws

    I'm not sure of the warranty on stihl, but i do know that an echo comes with a 5 year warranty, and it's also commercial grade.
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    Not Cut Out for the City

    you are so obviously from the area lol...
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    Not Cut Out for the City

    ha... yea fruitvale it is... G.S. is where the family resides now
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    Not Cut Out for the City

    I went from population 314 In E. Texas out to Lubbock, Texas Population way to many. I know the feeling, I hate hate hate the big city, and the lack of trees. Flying back home today can't wait to see some trees, wet ground, cattle grazing, and air free of red dirt.
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    Mesa Power & Roberts County Water District

    pump the ogallala dry, and west Texas has no more water.. this is a bad bad bad bad bad and i repeat BAD idea. The ogallala is already running low in many different states, and it is continually dropping. Sorry person who would take water from a region that needs it worse than another. Once...
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    Charolais Bull (edited to insert 2nd choice)

    Bull number two has some really good bloodlines (alimark) i would go with two i like him a bit better plus the debruckers know what they are doing, good folks excellent cattle
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    never too old for some fun

    HA... that was great
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    Lawn mowers

    yea thats basically what it boils down to, usually have a better engine, more sturdy frame, usually rust proof, some brands are just as good as commercial. Commercial is basically made for everyday use.
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    Lawn mowers

    Ok so i'm a power equipment specialist at one of those large box stores, that orange is on the store sign. it is correct not all zero turns are made equal. Cub cadet are decent 3 year warranty, kawasaki engine, and come in sever different size decks. they are getting better. the john...
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    Jug fishing

    heck put several hooks on them, and make them long enough that they go all the way to the bottom, with a piece of re-bar for weight, put several hooks on it, you can sometimes catch more than one, bait it with shrimp, shad, beef hearts, or whatever will stay on the hook. the foam works really...
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    Unique Deer Hunting Trip

    WOW... that's crazy. wonder where that was at. :shock: