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    Anyone in Eastern Washington State

    Hi I own a mixed breed yearling heifer that need bred for the first time or two then I AI after that. But I can't find anyone to let me breed to their bull. I am looking for a good quality bull to breed her to. I can't own a bull as we are on small acre's. I have never done a heifer in AI so...
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    pro's and con's on twinning?

    Do you like the twinning type of cows? why? and Why not? Do you feel it comes from the dam or the sire or both?
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    help can you tell what is going on here?

    Ok have a neighbor who has 2 years of this going on. just bull calves heifer calves are normal. the bull calves don't survive. So I suggested a vet get involved this time and get tissue samples to see if it is some kind of poisoning(s).
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    Retained Placenta

    How long can a cow go with retained placenta? This is a mature cow that has calved several times and just had twins 24 hrs ago. She isn't mine but the neighbors. Thank you
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    Can you give a cow oral dewormer? will it work? Normally I do poor it on down the back but was wondering if oral would work as well or better. Thank you!
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    Breeding hefiers

    Do you breed your heifers by weight or age? and if by weight how much should a new heifer weigh? Thank You
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    Horse trailers

    Could anyone give info on there favorite horse trailer? I have owned stright loads, 5 th wheel stock, and am especialy intrested in the Brender up. Any info would be helpful,were thinking of selling my 5 th wheel and getting a smaller trailer. Thanks Cindy :)
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    Rescued a coupple of goats and wondered if I could deworm with Ivermec, cattle pour on?? One is very preg. the other is open. Thanks cindy
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    Skin Yuck !!!!

    Could use a little help. Purchased a 21 mo. old heifer unbred. Gave her shots and pour on Ivec.But has nasty skin problems. Large scaley paches.I think from a dirty barn where she was kept.Blieve me it was bad!! I am supplementing her with rice bran and a little grain. She was really run down, (...