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    Friends new yearling bull what ya think?

    What do you all think about my new friends new yearling bull? Birthweight 85 pounds 205 Weaning weight 788 pounds Yearling weight 1326 pounds 4.05 pounds per day on 110 day test 17.6 inch rib eye area 40 cm yearling scrotal Homozygous black Smooth polled Born 4-1-08 Friend has him in with 5...
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    Cheapest Fertilizer prices?

    I was checking into prices here lately for fertilizer. Triple 19 is 600 some odd dollars a ton with urea added. According to my soil sample I took it states I needed some 60 30 30 at around 100 pounds per acre that has ammonium nitrate in it. I got the 12 acres of rye fertilized with it before...
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    pics from denver 09

    Here are my pics from the National Western Stock show. I thought you guys might be interested in seeing them. My heifer My heifer my heifer more to come.