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    Stupid heifer

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    Bull prospect

    Just 40 days old. Really like the sire and dam, and the sire is getting a little too old to keep. Any "way to early" thoughts?
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    Bull hunt

    Wonder where the bull is? Found the ladies.. think this old boy has about punched his ticket..
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    She did it again..

    old red had another calf, and punched her ticket for another year. We'll have another rodeo in October weaning this hateful witch's calf.. "Whenever you're ready, punk. "
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    New Sim bull

    Embryo calf out of Executive Order and an OBCC Legend cow. Bought a couple bulls from this breeder last year and wanted to buy a full brother to this bull then, but the breeder wanted to keep him for a cleanup.
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    Sim blaze=$$

    Bought a yearling simmental bull this weekend. Picked him out of a group of 12-13. Only one bull had already sold in the group, and it had easily the poorest phenotype of the bunch. It didn't even seem to fit in with the others at all. It was the only bull however that had a white face, and...
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    One of those days..

    "There's the guy that tried to tag me. Kick his a$$, ma!"
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    New chainsaw

    Well, new to me at least. Guy bought a Stihl MS391 to cut up some big trees that had blown down on his land. He bought it in mid January and I just bought it from him at a little over half price. It has a 25" bar and I'm wondering if that is too big of a bar for the saw in some large cured hard...
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    I got busy and was a day late feeding hay to this group. The girls were not happy.. If looks could kill.
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    Any ideas?

    Just have 3 spring calves left to wean. The stupid Mama cows refuse to bring them anywhere near the corral. The cows will happily eat feed if I bring it to them but won't budge to follow. Forget driving them- they take off to the forest if they suspect anything. In the past these particular cows...
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    About weaning time

    Spring calves growing good. Calf born in March: Same calf tonight: Will wean the spring calves around mid-October.
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    Flies are bad

    Flies are one of the drawbacks of fall calving. I'm using fly mineral and try to keep the pastures trimmed up. But this year the flies seem especially bad. May have to put up some rubs or try something else.
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    Crayon herd

    Pic of a few of our fall replacements. We retained a few other AI Angus heifers but I always like to save some interesting colored ones.. [/url]
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    Random hay pics from June..

    All the first cut is finally in. Due to a very wet June the first cut stretched on for about 3 weeks longer than I'd like. I typically need around 1100 bales to make it through winter and have made 750 so far this year..
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    Help with epds

    These are the epd graph for a 2 yr old Angus bull that I'm considering. Didn't get any pics but he had a very nice phenotype. Looking at the graph what are your thoughts/concerns? He'd be used on an Angus based commercial herd.
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    Released the boys

    Well #1 finally convinced me it was time to let him and the other fellas out. With a face like that, how can you say no? Took a few pics. 4 Sims, an Angus, and a Herf:
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    Bull market sucks

    Picked up a very nice 18 mo Angus bull from a very reputable breeder at an auction last week. I had him pegged as the best of the group and picked him up for $2050. Not sure what the implications are for the cattle market as a whole, but things aren't good if high quality bulls are selling so...
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    Thoughts on young bull

    PB GB. 15 mos old. Asking price $2500. High growth, terminal type epds. I think I'll take a pass, but thought I'd open it up to y'all's opinions. Not mine, so don't worry about hurting my feelings.
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    Who's ready for turn out?

    This guy!