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    florida hogs

    I've heard that hogs are easily scared out of an area if you pressure them. Is this true or just bs. It seems that the hogs on our deer lease have setup camp and are staying. In the past I might see sign or get pictures once a year where it seems they are just passing through. But this time we...
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    How to make a feeder light?

    I'm covered up with some trap smart hogs that only come out between 10 and 2 'o' clock at night according to the trail cameras. I want to hunt over a feeder at night and have a feeder light illumunating the area. Problem is, I don't want to pay the high price for a commercial feeder light...
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    Nissan Titan

    What do ya'll think about them? I like the looks of them but was wondering about how they perform cause I'm itching to buy a new truck.
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    .22 rifle

    If you want to get real serious into shooting sports then get an Anschutz (i think thats how its spelled). Thats what alot of the competition shooters use but they do have a nice price tag. If you just want her to be involved in something a Ruger 10/22 is a pretty reliable gun but I'm don't know...
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    Laproscopic AI

    Do any of you know if a veterinary degree is required to do laproscopic AI? I was just curious cause I work on a hunting ranch where we raise deer and my boss pays a large amount of money for someone to come do it. Seems like a pretty good thing to learn how to do.
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    Age this buck...

    I would say he would be around 5 1/2 years old but it wouldn't matter to me because he displays some bad antler characteristics throughout his life. Thats just my opinion but I would get him out of the herd.
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    Dang Hurricanes

    Danged Hurricanes is right!! We were supposed to get 2-3 inches of rain from it and all we got was spit on. I went out early that morning and planted my food plots expecting to get a rain on them. I know I shouldnt say things like this when all of those people down south are being devastated...
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    Any Dove hunters out there

    As far as I know it is. 12 is the limit and you can have 24 in possession. If I'm wrong someone correct me cause I don't want a fine
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    Any Dove hunters out there

    Season opened up today here in texas in the central zone. I limited out both morning and evening. I couldn't hardly keep my gun loaded there were so many flying. Good luck to the rest of u dove hunters
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    Summer Bucks

    You're doing something right, good luck to ya this season
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    Summer Bucks

    Dang good bucks. Do you supplemental feed?
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    Bumper Crop of Turkeys

    Hunting for turkeys in the fall is boring. I would much rather have a big ol' tom come in strutting to me in the spring.
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    3 pt disc

    Hey Arnold, I'm located 30 miles north of waco in hillsboro right on I-35. Not really wanting to drive a long ways.
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    3 pt disc

    Thanks EAT BEEF, I'll give those websites a try.
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    3 pt disc

    Anyone know where I could get a reasonably priced 3-pt. disc used or new? I'm talking a 5-foot disc or somewhere in that neighborhood.
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    Electric Fence

    Could I keep a group of calves in a two wire electric fence in about a 100 acre pasture? I have never done any fencing with electric fence only barbed wire. Just wanting to know what you guys/gals think. Suggestions?
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    Hunting Opportunity

    As far as I know I think your'e out of luck hunting with a rifle in October in Texas.
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    Liquid Organic Fertilizer

    What do you guys know or think about a 15-5-5 liquid organic fertilizer that cost $20/acre applied? Is it worth a try or not.
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    Cows Breeding Back?

    How long is too long for a cow to breed back after she calves?
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    Feeder Lids?

    Haven't thought about that. Might try doing it.