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    electric fence question

    I bought only of those electric fence testers that has volts and amps and I've been checking my fences with it. I lose amps and volts at corners where I have to tie the fence off then reconnect it. How do you do these connections without losing power? Anything special? I've tried to go back...
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    Will cattle go the way of hogs?

    From Drover's Journal: http://www.drovers.com/news_editorial.a ... ed_id=5674
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    Hottest fence charger

    I need a list of hot fence chargers. I'm running electric fence along a river (there's no water in it actually) and then I have the pasture divided into paddocks and run the division fences off of the one that runs along the river. Its probably 6-7 miles of fence total. I'm using one that is...
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    Dispersal Sales?

    Anybody know of any dispersal sales coming up in the next month or two?
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    Solar Water Pump

    Anybody use solar water pumps on their water wells? If so what do you think of them? Any problems? Where did you get it?
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    Veterinary Website?

    Is there a veterinary website that can help you identify an illness by describing the symptoms? There is a website called webMD that does this for humans, does anybody know of anything similar for animals/cattle?
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    Longhorn-Angus cross

    Has anyone done a longhorn angus cross (or longhorn and any other "beef" cross)? I've been contemplating it for a while. Just wondering if anyone has any experiences they would share or pictures of what the calves look like?