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    Broccoli Suggestions

    The broccoli looks like it might be the only thing that produces very much in this year's garden. Anybody have any good and easy recipes for it? A soup recipe would be much appreciated!
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    North Carolina Slaw

    Some folks were talking about a slaw that is apparently pretty popular in North Carolina. They tell me that it uses ketchup and I've looked up a few recipes but haven't found anything that sounds very good. Any input would be greatly appreciated! BB
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    E-Mail Address Change

    Can somebody tell me how I go about changing my e-mail address here at CT so that I can access this from home? I now have a better connection at home and would prefer using it but don't know how to change it over so that I can keep my user name, etc. Any help would be appreciated! BB
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    Beef Brisket

    First let me say that we roast a lot of hogs. We use a propane fired grill and use a very basic rub - then add seasoning as we are pulling the pork off the bone. Sometimes I will wrap a pork shoulder in foil and cook along with the hog. We usually cook around 10 hours at low temp and they turn...
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    WV Farm Machinery Auction

    I just received this information and thought I'd pass it along. I haven't been to this sale for a few years but it has been really nice in the past. Plenty of equipment and parking. Usually they will have 2 or 3 auctioneers so the sale moves along at a good pace. March 28th at 9am at the...
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    Request for Uncle Crowder

    I would like to respectfully submit a request to Uncle Crowder. In years past, he has always entertained us with some seasonal musings and I usually pass these along to friends and family - at least the ones that wouldn't offend! So gather 'round the stove and let's see what sort of story...
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    Tobacco Auctions

    Tobacco farming seems to be fading into the sunset but I guess a few folks still raise it. I raised a small patch a few times and helped some buddies with their allotments. Tough, dirty and very hot job! When we sold (several years ago) it seems to me that we got around $1.80 a pound. Does...
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    John Deere Square Baler

    Could someone tell me how much a 12T baler weighs? I know its a stupid question but the old baler might be worth more for scrap that anything else...
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    Feeder Prices

    I've noticed that feeder prices are much lower over the last few weeks. I figured that prior to Labor day, the prices would drop somewhat but from what I'm seeing this morning, the prices continue down. Does anyone have any insight on this?
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    Trailer Weight Limit

    I know I'm going to get really beat on for asking this question but here goes anyway: If your stock trailer has two 4500# axles that is a total of 9000# capacity. How much OVER that 9000# could you haul and still be safe? I'm talking about on a straight highway haul, no rough back roads, creek...
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    Sweet Corn Price

    WOW! Sweet corn is priced sky high around here. We've got some coming in now but a few guys have started selling and it's running $5 and $6 for twelve ears. Saw an ad this morning for some kind of corn from Idaho - $ .50 / ear. Must be some pretty good stuff or some really good marketing!
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    Crowder / Warpaint Locked Up?

    I have noticed that the relative intelligence of recent threads has dramatically increased. A quick analysis of the situation reveals that the Tennessee Twosome have been mysteriously absent as of late. I'm just wondering if we need to start some sort of fundraising to bail them out ? :?:
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    Produce Prices

    I saw the photos of the peaches and it got me to thinking about how these are selling. I can't remember the bushel price last year but the ones up here don't begin to compare with those pictures. Someone told me that they had seen some tomatoes priced at $4.89/ pound in a local market, I guess...
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    More Horse Abuse

    Just saw this on a local newscast, its almost exactly like the one last week. JACKSON, Ohio (WSAZ)--Sheriff Deputies in Jackson County, Ohio are investigating massive horse neglect and abuse. Investigators say it’s on a farm located in the southern part of the county. Deputies tell us they...
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    Garden Progress?

    Just wondering how everybody was doing with their gardening. We got onions, potatoes and broccoli planted but that's about it. Still a little cool at night around here and the rain has not been real agreeable lately either. They tell me that vegetables plants have gone up a little bit but I...
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    Request for Crowder

    We've all seen Crowder's poetry, which he uses to mark special events. In light of record high fuel prices and soaring fertilizer prices, I am formally requesting that he put pen and paper together and write us something that gives us all a little laugh - you know we need one right now! I don't...
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    Vidalia Onions

    Just wanted to check in with you folks in the South and see how the Vidalia onion crop is doing. You really can't beat one of them and a big ol' pot of beans. Of course, with fuel prices being what they are those onions will probably be pretty pricey by the time they make it up here!
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    DUI - West Virginia Style

    Thought I'd post this one before Mike had a chance. Published: March 03, 2008 10:10 pm Man in a wheelchair loaded ... literally By Amelia A. Pridemore Register-Herald Reporter Beckley Police say a 62-year-old man carrying a loaded gun was arrested for being intoxicated inside a...
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    Slaughter Yield Question

    Someone asked this question last night and I want to see if my guess is in line or not. Here's the example: 2000 pound bull should dress around 1100 pounds. If that entire carcass is ground into hamburger, my GUESS is that you will have somewhere around 750 pounds of ground meat. If someone...
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    Possible Reasons Why Crowder's Wife Married Him

    It continues to boggle my mind that someone allowed their daughter to not only date BUT to actually marry Crowder. There must have been some overwhelming reason why she did this! Could someone offer some suggestions as to why she said "I DO" ??