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    Prayin for some Global warming!

    -32 Here in Nimrod,Mn. this morning! Got a feelin that things are gonna break around here today. Think it would be best to just do the have to's and dont push my luck! :bang:
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    Just keeps rainin!!!

    I actually have grass in places that I have never seen a detectable amount of grass before! Sure gettin a lot of lame cows though! GRRRR!!!!
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    I have had a GREAT calving season! All is right in my world. Thank you Jesus! Wish the best for anyone that is still waitin on that last cow or two up here in the North end of the world! :cboy:
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    A new breed for me!

    I'm heading to Mo. this week to meet up with a Kelpie breeder, (orig. from Australia,now living in Tx.) to pick up the Kelpie pup that I bought from him. We have always had Austrailian cattle dogs(red heelers) before but our last one died last winter and it's been weird around here with out a...
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    GRRR! When to sell?!

    I've got a dang nice pen of 6 weight steers and hefers. Prices have been crap up here especially in Motley and Perham(Mn.) I just can't make up my mind if I should just go ahead and sell or hold on to them a month or two longer. I just ain't sure about feedin them any longer and coming out any...
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    Dry Corn Gluten Feed

    Is anyone else feeding this? This is my first time feeding this and my weened calves have really put on the gain far more than I thought they would. Any do's and dont's on feeding this product? I'm paying $149.80 a ton and that seem like a reasonable price to me for the results I'm seeing...
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    Hef. breeding question?

    I have a first calf hef. that had a calf exactly 16 days ago. Yesterday I saw her being covered and standing solid for the bull. Doesnt it seem a little early for a first timer to be in standing heat? It would be great if she does take, as she is about a month later than the other cows.
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    Good creep feed?

    Hey There Northern ranchers/farmers! Im wandering what ya'll use as a good creep feed for your calves. I dont have the best pastures,theres sure not an over abundance of grass anyways but just enough to maintain them with the proper mineral licks.
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    May God Bless you All today!
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    Blood in stool

    I know its been discussed on here before but I cant seem to find it. Could ya'll discuss the possible reasons and treatments for blood in the stool of an 8 day old otherwise perfectly healthy bull calf? His stool is somewhat runny with what appeared to be about 80% blood mixed in with it. I have...
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    Snow Icecream

    You may find this hard to believe but it snowed here again today...A FREAKIN LOT! No place left around here to plow the stuff so we had to start eating it! We took one gallon of fresh snow 1 cup of sugar 2 1/2 cups milk 1tsp. vanilla extract put it all in a big bowl and mixed it with a big spoon...
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    Another prolapse question

    In a bred cow that I just bought(sale barn) I noticed when she is laying down that she has what appears to be a prolapse. It is of good color,meaning no brown or hardness to it(I have felt it). It is baseball to grapefruit size and when she gets up it immediatly goes back in. What problems am I...
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    Price Difference?

    Ive got red and black angus cows. My buddy down the road has mostly reds and swears he gets top dollar for his red calves just as he does with his blacks. What difference in price, have any of ya'll seen in the two colors, come sale time? Ive been looking at a really nice red bull to buy, but...
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    Older Bulls?

    With all these questions about what age to start breeding with a young bull, I was wandering, what is the oldest bull ya'll would use? i.e. Would you use a 10 year old for example?
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    That's right! In Nimrod, 40 DEGREES TODAY!!! Actually did the chores in one layer! :banana:
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    Just wonderin?

    If olive oil is made out of squashed olives, Then what the heck do they make baby oil out of? :frowns:
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    How Th Heck...

    can I get my dogs to eat the poop out of the stalls and not just out in the pastures? Cant get nothin around here to help out with the stall cleanin chores!