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    Ryzup Smartgrass

    Just wondering if anyone has used this and if you seen a growth spurt after put on? thanks
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    Why men dont like reading instuctions

    Last night my wife went shopping and came home with a bucket of chicken,so to be helpful i go to cupboard and get instant potatoes to make to go with it,the box says to add "1/2 cup 2 % milk" i go to the fridge and all we have is 1%,so i ask her since we have 1 % do i need to add 1 cup?? she...
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    better heifer pic

    looks like she has a snotty nose ,but she doesn't,must be camera angle or something
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    Who do you think the sire of this little heifer is 3Way?

    not the best pic ,she standing in a rut
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    Jogeephus Jerky

    Very good jerky :clap: :clap:
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    A Few Calves

    this guy is from my clean up bull this one is by the same bull,should be homo black.he is slowly turning black
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    Dang weather

    we are in a blizzard warning and now a tornado warning :hide: :hide:
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    is this a balancer??

    is it when both sides of black are balanced??? lol this is from my wifes herd of 5,he is out of a gelbveih bull,freshly born ,not standing yet
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    a few pics

    a couple replacement hefeirs a red pair the bull calves are growing pretty good despite all the 20 below weather
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    Please keep my family in your prayers

    My brother lost his 4 month old grandson yesterday,my moms great grandson,this is a sad deal for my family
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    Merry Christmas

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    Some of my weaned bulls

    weaned about a month Calf #1 Calf # 2
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    Growing up

    this spring yesterday
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    Old stock dam

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    i think she will be a keeper

    not the best picture with my phone
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    Storms last night

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    Ultra sounding

    what has been your experiences with ultra sounding? are they calving when they say? the reason i am asking is i bought 5 bred hefeirs that were suppossed to be ultra sounded to calve mar 15 to mar 30.i know it can go a few days either way,the first 2 calved mar 13.1 calved mar 17...
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    Would like to move a couple cows up in breeding,was wondering how far past calving has anyone put in a cidr and moved up her cycle,i know it can vary cow to cow,i have one cow who will breed back 30 days past calving
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    Atlas daughters and a couple more pics

    second one couple replacements the gate keeper
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    Gelbvieh breeders

    anyone know where or if i can get some Flying H atlas 101 n semen,bullbarn is out :(