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  1. Wewild

    Cattle at the end of the rainbow

  2. Wewild

    A couple of pics

    One red one black The black one is ready to drop any day.
  3. Wewild

    Good Year

    So far we have picked 200# of cucumbers on a 120' row and 160# of zucchinis on 10 hills. Not slowing down yet. Very little waste so far as we have been canning and giving. Green beans are coming in. Tomatos are about ready. Peas are looking good. Watermelons are doing fine. Cantelope are...
  4. Wewild

    Memorial Day get together

    The butts are on their way. Ribs in a few hours. Happy Memorial Day to all recalling the reason we can do this today.
  5. Wewild

    Coming Up

    The rain and time keep me from getting in the most of my endeavors earlier. Got it done last Saturday. Everything has broke the surface. Corn is peaking out. Green beans, peas, zucchini, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe and even the okra. I was surprised. You just got to love it. The corn seed...
  6. Wewild

    Second time its happened

    Well the last two family get togethers a whole platter of food goes home with the same person. It is never noticed until the next day. Last time it happened it was a bunch of hamburgers on Labor Day. This time it was the turkey. We offer the left overs up to everyone to take some home. Platter...
  7. Wewild

    It's been a long time

    Got a call last night and got the usual answer after I said hello "What you doing". Well I already knew he was stuck when he showed up on the phone. I saw him when I got home checking the water gaps. Long story short it took a 20' chain and 20' of 2" strap to get close enough that I didn't feel...
  8. Wewild

    We may need an Ark

    This is more like the Ga winters I recall growing up. We had 4" from last night till 6PM. It is still raining. Some folks are tired of it. Looks like we are up 11" above the normal average of 48" for this time of year. 58" would be our 30 year yearly average and we got 42 last year and before...
  9. Wewild

    Making Bacon

    I would like some recipes to make pork belly bacon. This is my first time and didn't have nitrite so as I understand the meat will not maintain its color. Mixture of salt and brown sugar.
  10. Wewild

    New Smoker

    My new smoker is on it's way from Douglas GA by way of Tifton. Had a buddy pick it up when he was down there. I can't wait.
  11. Wewild

    Roasted pumpkin seeds

    Clean the seeds from the Halloween pumpkin carving event and let dry. Mix the seeds with oil to coat and add salt. Bake in the oven for a hour or till done.
  12. Wewild

    Cubed Steak

    Again the wife can whip it up. Brown in the skillet. Place in oven proof dish. Make gray with the remains in the skillet and pour over steaks. Into the oven till done. Add some mash potatoes and some kinda bean and your in heaven.
  13. Wewild

    What is this wild fruit tree North GA?

    I have slowed down alot and trying to explore some more. What tree produced this fruit in North Ga? Sorry for the poor quality.
  14. Wewild

    Life's Milestones

    Life has milestones whether your ready or not. First time one of your kids drove off in a car without you because they just got their DL. I believe I can live through this. She has been driving since she was 12. She can avoid the other folks. I Believe.
  15. Wewild

    Chuck Roast

    The wife knows how to cook a roast. This would have been home grown except for the taters, onions and assorted seasoning. 1.5 hours in Finished product. It was tremendous.
  16. Wewild

    Big Day tomorrow

    Playing for the Middle School league championship (regular season) tomorrow. The girls got drilled every game last year and now has beat everyone by the mercy rule at least once except for one team. They beat that team yesterday 9-4 in 6 innings. The girls were so down last year. What a...
  17. Wewild

    Home grown beef

    We got our first butchered steer back a couple a weeks ago. Dad never did it said you could buy a lot of meat you like for what you had in it. The ribeye and cubed steak have been top notch. Here is a little sirlion. I thought it was good as well. I'm not sure Dad ever did it the right way.
  18. Wewild

    I have had the honor

    James (Doc) Mathison, 90, died Saturday, Aug. 29, 2009. He was of the great generation. He walked ashore in the Normandy invasion. He was a friend. Rest In Peace.
  19. Wewild

    Computer Health tips

    As we know computers seem to slow from time to time and sometimes just want run because of various reasons that include surfing on the web. Restore don't seem to work as advertised. Well a buddy told me to set up a surf user identity to use when surfing the web. When it gets corrupted just...
  20. Wewild

    Great Read

    Have to read it twice http://cattletoday.com/archive/2009/August/CT2045.php.