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  1. KenB

    Gas exports

    The U.S. exported more gasoline, diesel and other fuels than it imported in 2011 for the first time since 1949, the Energy Department said today. Shipments abroad of petroleum products exceeded imports by 439,000 barrels a day, the department said in the Petroleum Supply Monthly report. In...
  2. KenB

    John Deere 2155

    I am thinking about buying a John Deere 2155. Does anyone know anything about them?
  3. KenB

    Breeding age for bulls

    Would a one year old Hereford bull be old enough to breed a couple of cows?
  4. KenB

    Stock piling Bahia

    I know fesque is the best grass to stock pile, but how good would Bahia or common bermuda be to stock pile?
  5. KenB

    Roller pump

    Does it hurt a roller pump to shot the output off while it is running?
  6. KenB

    Water in tractor tires

    I am planning to fill my tractor tires with water, :?: what kind of antifreeze to I need to use with it?
  7. KenB


    I have a calf that was born yesterday, it is weak and won't nurse. I tubed it with colostrum yesterday and this morning I tubed it with 1 1/2 quarts milk replacer, ( it still won't suck.) I have seen Bo-Se recommended many times on this forum, it seems like this is what I should give the calf...
  8. KenB

    Calf Puller

    After reading the thread "When do you pull a calf" I am of the opinion that I might need a better calf puller. Any suggestions on which one is best, and where to get it?
  9. KenB

    where is dun?

    He must be iced in.
  10. KenB

    How long from seeding to grazing?

    I planted some wheat in one pasture and ryegrass in another, How long should I wait before I can begin grazing it?
  11. KenB

    Used motor oil and Remedy

    I was wondering if used motor oil mixed with 1/2 diesel would work when mixed with Remedy or any other herbicide? What got me to thinking about it was the oil should stick to the tree trunk better than straight diesel. Plus it would put the used oil to good use.
  12. KenB

    What is this plant?

    Please help me to identify this weed or shrub. It is from two to six feet high and grows mostly in recently cleared land, and at the edge of the woods.
  13. KenB

    John Deere 510 baler

    I just bought a John Deere 510 round baler, does anyone have any experence with these? With the drought here I will have to wait untill later to try it out.
  14. KenB

    How long to feed bottle calves?

    How long should I feed a bottle calf, and how should I go about weaning? Thanks in advance Ken