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    Tedder timing

    Can anyone tell me how to time a vicon Fanex 500 Tedder? It is a 4 basket Tedder and the tunes are clanking together. I checked YouTube and couldn’t find the answer.
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    Bonding plastic on a John Deere gator

    Does anyone know what will bond the plastic together? I have a crack in the fender and I have tried fiber glass, liquid nails, and gorilla tape. Any advise on what does work?
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    Antibiotic use after calving

    Hello, We had a difficult calving with a heifer and she has a yellow discharge. I think she has a uterine infection. What antibiotics would you recommend? We have LA 200. Thank you,
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    Peanuts in bahia

    Harrowed up a small pasture last fall had a LOT of centipede planted rye and oats in it limed per soil test 2 tons per acre . Plan to plant tiff 9 Bahia I went ag field day they plant common peanut as nitrogen source the grass near peanut was super green . Peanut lasted about 3 years, came back...
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    baler roller assembly

    Does any one know how to take out sledge assembly 6 series New Holland baler it has some kind of end caps on out sides of bailer and I for world cant figure how to remove them ?? I am attempting to take out all the rollers and change idlers drive sprockets. My baler. is 650
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    Bailer Belts

    Greetings fellow posters, Does it ever make since to change just one belt if it is the only one actually broken, but all of them are old and could use to be replaced. This machine has needed a lot of repair this year and I was hoping to wait until next year to change all of the belts. Does this...
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    kubota total hyd failure

    Hello, I let someone borrow my tractor and so I do not know the events that led to this but my Kubota has completely lost use of the hydraulic systems. No bucket, transmission, steering, and no rear lift. I think there was some contaminated hydraulic fluid that was put into the system. I have...
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    Grass Seed Collection

    Does anyone have a home-made grass seed collector that can collect Bahia grass seed? If so please post photos of the collector. Also would a beater bar be helpful? Thanks RM
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    adding hydraulic lines

    Has anyone ever added line off the tilt of frontend loader ? I gave it a try as my tractor has no remotes ,it will raise the bailer door but will not close well only a little at a time and wil not lock down. :cry2: I tried with front cly hooked up and capped no better either way.
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    P.T.O. not engaging

    Our ford 6610 runs well with no load or an empty hay-baler. However, if I turn off the P.T.O. to turn around at the end of row with a partial bale in the baler, I cannot get the P.T.O. to start turning again. If I release the hay-bale, it will start turning again. On ocasion, I will be able to...
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    brown mid rib

    Anyone have thoughts on it ? I have been planting tiff leaf millet for years but this stuff looks better'. Thought i would plant a smaller field to feed some weaned calfves and give it a try locat ion very north Fla
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    nh 650 bailer

    I bought my bailer a couple years ago, used. Now the drive sprocket on the end of rollers on the inside of bailer have a good bit of wear on them. Does anyone have any experence changing them? I have small excavator to pull out roller assembly, thanks. I have good friend who much better...
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    Detuz Fahr drum mower

    I got this new to me mower, on the top of the drums on top of the drum there is a cover like a 5 gallon paint can lid cover, that is rusted through with holes the size of a dime. Is this bad?? Also, It may be frozen the shaft doesn't want to turn by hand, but it is in the travel position and i...
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    turnip seed

    Can I save seeds off of the hybrid seed just right turnip? They are putting out seeds now. Will they be true to the varity?
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    burning and broomsage

    I have a neighbor that would like to have her pasture burnt off, to help control broomsage. Do you all think burning will help ? She did not have broomsage very much until we burnt it a few years back.
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    dollar bonnet

    How deep does a pond need not to grow dollar bonnet it is about 3-4 feet deep duck pond .It is covered with the stuff.I would like to have a good woodduck pond
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    rusty cutter bar

    Our hay cutter bar is rusted, pited, and leaks oil out of three small holes. I j/b welded the holes and painted over. After cutting all the paint and most all the j/b weld wore off . I was thinking of using the paint stuff for for truck beds it should be more durable. Anyone know of anything...
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    wood ash 4 lime &fert

    I have a biomass plant in my town that uses wood chips for fuel and lots and lots of ash they want to give a way .The plant may even deliever it in live bottom tailer to the farm .the only way i have to spread it is a loader tractor and 7ft box blade this should work ok in the feilds we plant...
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    Gehl 140 hay mower

    Does anyone know how much oil goes in cutter bar in A mower that is almost eight foot long? It was real low when I got used and I drain out old stuff have put in 7 quarts so and it still low. :dunce: :dunce:
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    Tiff Leaf 3millet

    Is there any better forage than Tiff Leaf 3 millet for weaned calves for north Florida. Normally if we plant Tiff Leaf 3millet now it will stop producing around Augest or September. So we are going to plant one fleild now and one in 45 days. Do you have any other suggestions?