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  1. jka300

    Checking transmission oil in a IH 966

    I went to move my uncles IH966 yesterday but ran into abit of a puzzling problem. I can't find the dipstick for checking transmission oil. I would just drive it without checking but it leaks hydraulic oil and has been sitting for 2 months. So possibility of it being low or out is very high. I...
  2. jka300

    IH 1086 question

    We just bought a IH 1086 from my great uncle. Passed away last month, rip. I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the speed of the hydraulics? we are using it on our square bale elevator that we modified to run on a hydraulic motor. Any input would be much appreciated.
  3. jka300

    JD 2320 sp Swather

    Hi, we just purchased a John Deere 2320 sp 15 ft swather. I was just wondering about something, is there a guage for the header to tell how high you are cutting? I tried looking it up on the internet, in the manual but came up with nothing. If someone could help, it would be much appreciated...
  4. jka300

    Beline 1816 applicator question

    I was wondering if anyone owns a beline 1816 seed applicator? We went to a JD dealer today to look at a used beline 1816 seeder that mounts on a cultivator, the salesman told us that all the peices were there but it was missing (I think ) 2 motors that drive the rollers and also the wiring...
  5. jka300

    Buying a brand new valmar

    I was wondering if someone could help me out. I was wondering how much a brand new 1665 valmar is going for now. We are looking at one that is used so we just want to know if the owner is taking us for a ride or not. I would find out the new price but there isn't any dealers around us and try...
  6. jka300

    Building Farm Toys

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find information on how to build custom scaled down farm toys?
  7. jka300

    To Keep or Not To Keep

    I took a drive around our area the other day and notice that a lot of farmers actually got a pretty good stock pile of feed this year considering the way the year went. But there were also some farmers that have next to nothing for feed including pasture. One of these farmers is our neighbour...
  8. jka300

    Killing Tansy?

    I am looking for solutions for killing tansy. In the last 2 years the darn stuff has just exploded in our pastures. I tried talking to our county about it since it did come from their gravel pit but they said it is my problem now, really nice of them right. If someone could throw some ideas my...
  9. jka300

    Auction Sales

    Is it just me or are some people these day forget common sense when it comes to auction sales. It seems this year these sales are bring out people who just don't have a clue what an item really is worth. I've gone to about 10 auctions so far this year and my theory about this turns alittle bit...
  10. jka300

    Spraying Question

    I was wondering if you can spray round up with a galvanized tank? I talked to our local supplier about it but I should have just talked to a wall, probably would have learnt more! All they want was to spray it themselves, which would have been alright except they wanted $14 an acre and it had to...
  11. jka300

    Harrowing Hay Feilds

    I was wondering about harrowing hay feilds? I see how the pasture really benefits from getting harrowed, greens up twice as fast. Everyone that I talked to has different veiws on this issue, so I am now turning to yous for help on this issue.
  12. jka300

    LEDs - Are They Worth It?

    I've been looking around the last couple of days for led light bulbs. Everywhere I go to on the internet, the websites just talk about energy savings and not much about how well they light up a room. I was looking at replacing 60 watt incandescents, when they burn out, with led but if they don't...
  13. jka300

    Wire Roller for ATV

    I was wondering if anybody built a wire roller for an Atv?
  14. jka300

    Ginger Beef Recipe Needed

    I was wondering if anybody has a really easy ginger beef recipe. I've tried acouple that I found on the internet but they weren't easy at all!
  15. jka300

    Spraying Wild Oats

    I got a big problem in my one field, wild oats. 2 years ago we ran out of oat seed and had to use some oats out of one of my uncle's bins. Well the oats in this bin had wild oats mixed with it, really dumb move on my part. Last year the wild oat went nuts, the whole field was covered in it and...
  16. jka300

    First Calf Of The Year

    On Sunday, we had our first calf of the year. So now starts the best part of calving, the late night checks. Its something that most farmers probably don't look forward too, I know I don't, but thats part of farming. In order to make anything, we need to sacrifice a couple hours of sleep...
  17. jka300

    Red Proso Millet Revisited

    Last spring I was watching Pairie Farm Report, when they started talking about red proso millet. At first I wasn't very interested in it until they talked about all the benefits that it had. Red proso millet has a very short growing season, about 60 days it can be cut for feed, it can handle...
  18. jka300

    Seeding Wheat

    I need some help finding the right type of wheat to plant. We have never planted wheat before, just mostly oats. Last couple years we tried barley but our land just does like to grow it. Our soil is mixture of mostly clay, sand, and top soil with some buck skin. I was wondering if there is a...
  19. jka300

    Restoring Paint

    I was wondering if anyone has come across a way to restore faded paint on farm machinery. I have looked every where for a way to fix faded paint but come up empty. I tried Color Back but had poor results with it, turned my JD tractor's green paint to a yellow shade of green. :cry2:
  20. jka300

    Massey Ferguson 160 Manure Spreader

    I was wondering if anyone owns one of these spreader. I've been looking for pictures of this spreader so that I can win a bet but I can't find any. Please help me :help: