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    Difference a rain makes

    We have been very fortunate to get some much needed moisture over the last month. I took this snapshot of a two month old bull calf on Sunday, 6/15/2014. The good grass is making the cows milk well and the calves are showing it. It should be the best year yet...
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    Purebreeding Ethical Standards

    Just wondering if there is an association of purebred breeders that sets ethical standards for members to adhere to. Sort of like the National Association of Realtors where members voluntarily join and agree to adhere to certain ethical standards. It gets pretty sickening to see foney...
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    udder edema in yearling

    I have seen udder edema in yearling beef heifers many times. Usually, its been an indication the heifer is gonna milk heavy when she gets into production. Are there negatives to udder edema in yearling heifers? Should it just be ignored?
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    FHR Double Evan 150

    Anyone familiar with this bull? http://www.buyhereford.com/cgi-bin/mnli ... reford1/31
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    Hereford Genetic Summit

    I thumbed through the April issue of HEREFORD WORLD over lunch and saw a few really good aritcles. One is posted below. It is about a genetic summit to be held in September to discuss future genetic issues for the Hereford breed. The article sites a similar meeting held in 1969 that launched...
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    Miles City sale

    Miles City Line 1 Herefords had its sale yesterday. They sold around 30 - 2 year olds (a couple 3's). I listened to it on the internet. The floor price was $1200 and I didn't hear a bull sell for less than $3250. The top seller was a two year old at $8,750. His actual numbers were 76# bw...
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    Select for cow frame?

    I got an email from a market consultant today. He claims 90% of today's US cow herd is 6 to 9 frame and only 10% is 3 to 5 frame. He suggests we need to increase the number of 3 to 5 frame cows to lessen cow maintenance. I recently sold a xbred recip cow and a registered cow. The registered...
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    Anyone use RRH MR FELT 3008. I see his semen offered on buyhereford: http://www.buyhereford.com/cgi-bin/mnli ... reford3/20 PRICEY!!
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    Dire predictions?

    I'm posting an excerpt from Bill Helmings newsletter that I received earlier this week. He's been talking about how changes need to be made within the beef industry because of the increasing demand for hamburger and the decreasing demand for higher value cuts and I'm curious what all ideas for...
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    Jan/Feb Spring calves

    Beyond the obvious reason of just making their calves sound younger than they are, why do you think so many people call their winter calves spring calves?
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    Miles City calving sheets

    I was fortunate to have accompanied a friend to Miles City to pick up some Line 1 Hereford cows he purchased earlier in the year. The Line 1 Hereford herd has been closed since 1934 and Miles City did a lot of the early performance testing. I looked through the 2013 bull calves and they are a...
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    bull leg structure

    Here's an article on proper bull structure: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/l ... -soundness (If we all rode horses everyday, this is stuff we wouldn't forget!) Here are a few excerpts: Walk Look for a free-moving gait, with the hind feet stepping into the footprints of the front...
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    "Poor structure"

    See if what you all think of the structure on this bull. Notice anything? Thanks. Flatlander said: Go to Chitwood Herefords on Facebook. I just posted a video of a poor structured L1 bull. I'm out of town on my phone or I'd post myself. I get sick of looking at sorry xxx cattle and keeping my...
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    Red cattle Resistent to Salmonella and E-coli

    http://www.beefmastercowman.com/Industr ... les/5.aspx http://www.progressivecattle.com/index. ... Itemid=159
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    taxes and ET

    How do you all handle ET on your income taxes? If you do a flush and pay for pregnant recips, do you expense off a portion of the price you pay for the recips?
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    My loss

    Just feeling sorry for myself, of course. I lost my mother last night. She would have been 90 years old in 12 days. She gave birth to 8 children in 9 years and 11 days and worked as a registered nurse until she was nearly 70. I never knew anyone who was more ethical at just the right...
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    Bull calf pics

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    Green Springs Bull Test

    What do you think of the Green Springs Bull test and their sale held near Butler, MO? Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated.
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    tear 'em apart

    DBH LI DOMINETTE 466P ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (42465943) http://www.herfnet.com/online/cgi-bin/i ... 4&9=5F5F59 and her 5 and 1/2 month old bull calf sired by AF HL KING DOMINO 737 ET (P42870204) http://www.herfnet.com/online/cgi-bin/i ... 2&9=5F5E50.
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    Salina Journal article

    http://www.salina.com/news/story/cattle I was shocked to pick up a copy of the Salina Journal this morning and see a picture of our cows near the pond on the top right, front page of the Salina Journal. The article is about the death losses in the feed lots and I don't think these cows were...