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    Reclaimed mine land

    I asked this question several years ago, but perhaps more information may be available now. Does anyone here have experience converting reclaimed coal mine land to pasture? This is unfenced land growing fescue and lots of trees, many planted locust trees. I would like to hear any experiences...
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    I don't post here near as much as I read, but I thought this was something some might like to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaQeNop7Y-c There are certainly some good folks left in this world.
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    Cattle ID systems

    Perhaps with all the ear tag talk, some of you might share your numbering systems and what the number tells you.
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    Reclaimed mine pasture

    Does anyone have any experience converting reclaimed coal mine land into cattle and goat pasture? I would like to hear your experiences.