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  1. grubbie

    Downer calf question

    Branded today. A calf came through the chute (using calf table). Calf looked a little lousy, a few small patches of rubbed off fur. It was also scouring. Lots of scours, this area has been exceptionally wet and rainy. 6 week old bull calf. Branded, banded, bolus, was going to ivomec but didn't...
  2. grubbie

    Sharing a video

    I got into a conversation with an ex-rodeo cowboy the other day at an outdoor get together. He was intent on arguing about how to move a herd of cows. "I won't do it with four wheelers", he said. "If I have to do it that way, I'll move out of this country". I told him how we do it and he accused...
  3. grubbie

    bull picture

    One of the boys was posing so I snapped a picture. Thought it was a good pic to share.
  4. grubbie

    AI'ing some heifers

    I'm not the fastest at inseminating, don't have a ton of experience at it. All I have done is older cows and I'm pretty confident in my ability. Today I did my first heifers, first AI after a ten year hiatus . I had a horrible time, can't get hold of the cervix on those little critters! I have...
  5. grubbie

    new one on me.....

    We had a cow start prolapsing a couple months before calving. Never saw one do it that early. Sewed her up. Once she got close, we cut out the stitch and she prolapsed right away. Took her to the vet and he "pinned" her. Never saw that before either. She laid around very uncomfortable for a...
  6. grubbie

    Sharing a picture

    Just sharing a pic,....we raise baldies but we kept this girl a few years back when we used to use a longhorn bull on our heifers, so she's half baldy, half longhorn. Just thought she was pretty. She always drops a colorful calf.
  7. grubbie

    Gelbvieh bull on baldies

    Thinking about a gelbvieh bull for some baldy cows, anyone who has done this before have any hints on EPD's I should be looking for? Any pitfalls in doing this cross?
  8. grubbie

    Trip through SD

    Went across South Dakota last weekend. Amazing, there are still piles of dead cattle everywhere from the October blizzard. We didn't lose any, thank God. We were'nt hit quite as bad as our neighbors, some of whom had 4 feet of snow in 24 hours. A lot of cattle are being donated from Wyoming...
  9. grubbie

    A song for liberals....

    I couldn't help it. Had to write a song about the way this country is being run. "Nobody's Looking", or, the battle hymn of the liberals. I wrote and recorded this and own all the rights, so please share at will. I hope you enjoy! http://www.reverbnation.com/robsvalina/song/16216692-nobodys-looking
  10. grubbie

    ivermectin cost

    Alright, I get the whole "paying for the name" thing, but holy buckets!! I bought a 5 liter bottle of Ivermectin solution today. Bought the same brand the last couple years, it works well. On the shelf, there were 3 brands of pour-on. Brands 1 and 2 (Ivomec and Dectomax if I recall) were...
  11. grubbie

    barn cats

    Okay, I have accepted the fact that I am going to lose barn cats. Owls, hawks, eagles, coyotes, bobcats, feral tomcats, cars,....we have lost quite a few, including some that just disappear without ever knowing what happened. We just lost another a couple weeks ago. She just disappeared. She was...
  12. grubbie

    Sharing some pics for the baldy lovers

    I love this time of year.
  13. grubbie

    Polled hereford bulls WY/MT

    Anyone know of some polled hereford breeders around NE Wyoming, southern MT areas? Don't mind traveling a little if needed. The ranch where I used to buy them quit selling bulls. Must be POLLED hereford. Thanks. :cboy:
  14. grubbie

    First calf of 2011

    25 degress, snow and wind. This is a first calf heifer, she done good! A golden eagle catches the show.... Sometimes in cowboy country you have to make due with what you can find handy......... The wife was pulling the stock trailer delivering some heifers....finally took care of that...
  15. grubbie

    Tractor tire chains

    I have a Ford 5000 diesel with loader and grapple. Also has a bale unroller on the back. In winter, I have to pick up a bale on the back before I can pick one up with the grapple. If there is even an inch of snow on the ground, I will just spin once I pick up a bale with the front unless I do...
  16. grubbie

    Turned out the bulls.........

    Have very gentle yearling longhorn for the heifers. Eats out of your hand, very calm demeanor. So gentle and laid back in fact, thatI was wondering if he would be too lazy to do the job. Loaded him up today and hauled him out to the heifers, he was excited of course to see them. I opened the...
  17. grubbie

    Sharing a couple pics...

    Just gotta do the Grandpa thing and share pics with total strangers! Just one of those times when I'm reminded of the most important things in my life, and one of the best reasons we live this kind of life. Me and my grand daughter Abby.
  18. grubbie

    No more heifers, thank you.....

    I've had it. Thought I was sooooo smart. Doin all the right things, using low BW longhorn bulls on the heifers, feeding right, selecting good quality large heifers,....it has worked for my family for generations. It just gets worse every year. I have one heifer left to go. Have had to assist...
  19. grubbie

    The calf that nobody wanted

    The wife was out on her motorcycle today and happened upon this little critter. Probably been alone a couple days, well hidden in the sagebrush. No cow would claim him, one cow was very interested in him but kept looking back at another calf. I'm thinking he is a twin of hers as we are not...
  20. grubbie

    Just sharing some pics....

    Out making the rounds this evening, thought I would share. I can't remember ever calving in weather this nice. We are usually still buried in snow or fighting a spring blizzard. We are well over half way done, only one heifer popped so far and we had to pull it, hope that's not a sign of what is...