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    Purchasing farmland

    I think if a new cell tower was to be built in the future it would be built on land with a high elevation. So if someone was to build a house just don’t do it on the highest points.
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    who makes the best zero turn starting commercial mower

    I am sort of shopping around for same. I looked at bobcats and liked them. Seem to be well made, easy to service.
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    Top 5 best, multi-trait, black angus heifer bulls

    Gizmom More women are becoming CEOs. Time for a takeover?
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    Top 5 best, multi-trait, black angus heifer bulls

    Gizmom Absolute is still out there so if you wish you had more semen, go for it.
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    Sydgen enhance

    I used Enhance for fall 2018 calves. Wound up with 4 bulls, steered 2 and kept 2. One from a Black Pearl daughter and one from a Safeguard daughter. Both were 2 year old first calves. None of the four calves were standouts until a few months old. The two I kept begin to look a lot more promising...
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    I love this time of year

    JSCUNN I wasn’t able to make the SydGen sale this year. I did record it off DV auction site. How were the cattle this year? What were the better animals sired by? Thanks
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    XP-820 ear tags

    I used them in rotation with other tags. Worked about the same. Hard to tell if they were any better since fly concentration seems to vary year to year.
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    Fly control

    A friend used some the vitaferm mineral heat that also has garlic in it. He thought it did a good job at keeping flys off. Anyone else used it?
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    Bad day

    I had a 5 month old steer that ate a plastic bag that blew into the pasture. I tried to get it out of his mouth but was unable to do so. A couple of days later he was badly bloated. I ran a garden hose down to relieve the gas. I had to repeat this daily for about 4-5 days. Then one more time...
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    Missouri Stocking Rates

    If someone is able to run 2 pair per acre I bet they have a short growing season and feed hay many months as well as a lot of supplementation. Just wish I could come close to that.
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    SAV Cattlemaster

    I contacted ST about why there was no progeny data on Cattlemaster. They said until recently he was used exclusively in Brazil. So no data turned in to AAA. Should start seeing data turned in as he is used more here.
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    Curtin Land and Cattle Sale Tomorrow

    Lot 256 4,000. Lot254. 3000. Lot248. 3500. Lot249. 2900. Lot260 3000 lot261. 1750. Lot262. 1600 Lot264. 2500. Lot265 1600. Lot266. 3200. Lot267. 2700. Lot263. 2500. Lot246. 2600. Lot247. 3700 Lot242. 4000. Lot244 2100. Lot245. 1900. Lot243. 3600. Lot259. 2000. Lot258. 2950. Lot255. 2500...
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    SAV Cattlemaster

    Semen available from ST. Just wondering why he didn’t get more usage. EPDs look good. He was born in 2014 and most EPD accuracies are in the .4 range. Maybe he was used more in commercial herds. Picture, for what it’s worth, is on ST website.
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    Curtin Land and Cattle Sale Tomorrow

    I attended the sale. Lots of bargains. Lots of 3 in 1’s for $2500-$3000. Compared to TJ’s annual sale, prices were less than half. I have price on each lot if anyone needs info on a specific lot. Also attended the equipment sale the previous day. Results of that were much better with some things...
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    Angus CED EPD

    Why is there so much lag time turning in BW data and the calculation of CED. An example would be AAA Reg#17956722. It shows 1 progeny for CED, 64 for BW, 61 for WW and 32 progeny for YW. Why would an animal with 32 Yearling weights turned in only have 1 progeny for CED.
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    mud farm

    This has been the worst mud in my area that I have ever had. Poor cows sink to their knees in some areas. I’ve gotten stuck while walking through some areas. Had to pull my boots off to get out.
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    Vegetable oil

    Remember to keep the % fat no more than about 7% of total ration. That includes fat from any corn or other ingredients too.
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    Another Dispersal

    Just noticed another large seedstock operation is doing a complete dispersal. Curtin Land and Cattle selling over 400 head in March.
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    Fire & Ice breedings

    The milk EPD isn’t compared to breed average. The angus breed average is 24. A milk EPD of 32 is in top 10 percentile. A milk EPD of 18 is in the 85 percentile.
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    BYERGO BLACK MAGIC 3348 Fruad?

    My daughter is beautiful but I certainly am not. Fraud?