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    Has anybody here ran them on black baldy cows and retained ownership on the calves through till slaughter. We kept some 1/4 Brahma heifers the result of some erstwhile bucking bulls. They wintered on hay and licked snow and were some of the first to calve out on grass. I'm getting pretty...
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    Brisket Disease

    Those of you who ranch up in the high country are Hereford cattle susceptible to it?
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    Emily's 7x7

    Emily my youngest daughter set out to shoot a good buck this year and I think she succeeded. She passed on probably 50 bucks, almost froze to death trying to outwait a real good buck in a -30 blizzard, missed another good deer but never quit. Yesterday morning her big brother Tyler took her out...
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    Sara's Muzzie Buck

    My middle daughter Sara shot this old buck on the weekend-he lost some tine length but has a twenty three inch spread which is rare up here.
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    Nice archery Mulie

    Ty got this 31 inch wide mulie toda-he was hunting moose with a buddy when they spotted him. They went back to his buddies ranch and Ty borrowed his bow. He was lucky enough to lung him-real old buck grosses about 190.
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    Here is my son Tyler-we raise bucking horses along with cattle. The cheapest to run cow for our country is probably a horse lol. Were taking in a big bunch of horses to custom graze this winter. We'll run the younger ones of our own with the cows bale grazing-they do a good job cleaning up...
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    Lauriston Angelo

    Anybody ever hear or have a pic of this scotch highland bull.
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    HXC Conquest 4405P

    Has anybody seen this bull in the flesh-just wondering how good he is on his feet and legs. He's got some things about him that I like.
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    Cows Are Sold

    Till I get this cancer deal sorted out we decided to sell off trhe mature cows and they left this A'M-a young buddy of mine bought them he's been roping calves at our btranding since he was a kid-in fact I was his 4H leader so he knows them pretty good-we got a real good price picked up in the...
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    Some Cattle Pics

    Here's an old red angus bull we used to run-he's about ten years old in that picture-we bought him from Dylan Biuggs at Coronation, Alberta-he was the high gaining bull on his grass test that year. The bull worked till he was 13 and never saw a mouth full of grain.
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    Worth A Thousand Words!!!

    This pic sums up my problem with EXT bred cattle-I took it with a 12X zoom are they any cattlemen astute enough to pick out the EXT bred cow. At one time I had close to 100 of them but they've culled themselves down to a precious few.
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    My Kind of Bull

    My son picked out this calf-he was wintered on four pounds of barley and chopped hay in one of the hardest winters in Alberta for quite awhile. I really like his feet and legs -he moves out well. Were trying to get him bought to use on my Lad 20P baldies. He's growing out pretty well for an...
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    Hooks Shear Force 38K?

    Anybody use him-does he breed like his E.P.D's say he will.
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    Fraser's Angus

    Here's a daughter off a bull I own with Murray-I'm using him back on my Lad daughters.
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    Lad 20P's Momma and Calves

    Here's the Genex bulls momma -I think she's a pretty darn practical kind of Hereford cow.
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    Hereford Udders

    Here's a daughter off the horned Hereford bull I leased to Genex-F-R 552 Lad 20P-these heifers grazed out till Mid Jan and are getting fed every two or three days now. I think they're going to make good practical mother cows.
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    Genex Bull Lad 20P-Working Clothes

    Here's the Horned Herefordbull Ileased to Genex-he ran with 70 cows last summer then cleaned up an A'Ibunch of 200. Fraser's ran him out in the hills till January then brought himin and put him on hay. He got himself slicked up pretty well on just forage-the first daughters off him are starting...
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    Big Bucks in -30

    Ty and his buddy Cody went hunting after school and I tookmy youngest daughter Emily out with me. We went back to the yard to get the boys to help load my nice deer-they had a Great deer in the truck that Cody had just shot. That is truly a world class 4x4-those g2's are 13 inches-yikes. Ty and...
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    Good Mulie

    My son-Tyler shot this mulie a couple weeks ago in central Saskatchewan-he passed up quite a few 180 plus deer before this old bruiser showed up-he grosses 210-I love the double drop tines.
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    what a Morning!!!

    Ty and I just got in from our morning hunt-I had a 160-165 inch 5x4 right in front of me for about half an hour-he got as close as ten yards-VERY hard deer to pass up-he had 8 inch brow tines a webbed beams that would of been at least six inches-he looked pretty huge through a 9 power scope for...