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  1. ollie

    R.A. Brown Ranch sale catalog online

    R.A. Brown Ranches sale is Wed. Oct. the 12. Should be a good one. Lots of cattle and honest trustworthy people. If you are going to take one home with you you better raise your hand. They have lots of cattle to sell that day. I think it will be a fast paced sale...
  2. ollie

    BIG old gas engines

    Anyone have any of the old big engines around of the past. Hall-Scott, Budda, Wakishaw? I probably spelled them all wrong but if you have any of these you'll know them. A friend of mine said in Montana he worked with an out fit that had a 800cid Hall-Scott that was a 6cylinder. Got a mile and a...
  3. ollie

    slick 50 penetrating oil

    It has been several years but I bought a case of slick 50 spray oil. Best I have ever found. I can't seem to find it anymore. Has anyone noticed any where you shop?
  4. ollie

    sodium valves

    When having an engine rebuilt (391 ford) are sodium valves worth $300.00 more money?
  5. ollie

    Snake bite???

    This calfs foot swelled all the way above the pasturn then busted and went down. Not it has this ulcer. Is it a snake bite? Any other guesses?
  6. ollie

    fuel consumption

    I have a friend who manages a fleet of 500 tractor trailer trucks. His drivers log 1,250,000 miles per week. He said since the emissions restriction which went in effect a year or two ago his fuel consumption average has went from 7mpg to 5.5. I wonder why fuel is so high??? Spread that across...
  7. ollie

    Commodity insight

    I enjoied reading the commodity insight in the latest issue of CT. Does anyone know where to get it on the internet? Maybe the zipper figured Luke Mobly knows where to get it , or Macon. It was an interesting article . It may be here on the website but I have looked a little and too lazy to look...
  8. ollie

    Anti Motel Porn

    I am sick of staying in motels where when the tv comes on pay per view porn is advertised. Hotel Motel chains are soon becoming the seedy porn distributor that used to be only found in the back alley adult book store (a place where I wouldn't take my family or spend the night).Here is a website...
  9. ollie

    calving ease selection

    Here would be an example of a selection process similiar to what has been presented from time to time here on CT. Vote for the bull that you would most trust as a calving ease sire. I know you probably wouldn't pick either but just pick one for the poll.
  10. ollie

    PORK...the other dangerous meat.

    China's efforts to contain pig disease pays off By Channel NewsAsia's China Correspondent Tan Bee Leng 10 August 2005 SHANGHAI : In China, the government's efforts to control the outbreak of the swine-borne disease appear to be paying off. The death toll has remained unchanged at 39...
  11. ollie

    Can I haul a combine on a Donahue?

    Anyone ever hauled a small combine (f2 gleaner) on a Donahue trailer? If so will it raise it easily?
  12. ollie

    Smithfield/Packerland to close packing plant

    I read and article at http://www.ellinghuysen.com saying Smithfield (beef known as Packerland) is closing a packing plant in Greeling Nb. They cited the border closing as the reason. Anyone know any more about it? What are they going to use the facilities for? Is the plant for sale?
  13. ollie

    The preaching onion head lover

    Congratulations Guru Greenwillow. I enjoy your company on the boards and discussion about cattle. It is obvious to me you love cattle and your breed .
  14. ollie

    At home surgery

    Runnin arrow is going to love this thread . Last year I burned (wife did it) a skin cancer off my old stunning looking head. Worked so well this year I burned a mole off my back(more bliss for honey)about the size of a bowling ball. I used LN2 from the semen tank. It worked slick as any Dr. I...
  15. ollie


    Who is breeding and selling all these Dexters? Is it just pilgrams taking other pilgram's money? I have been in the business awhile. I have been to a few goat ropings and a picnic or two... I have never met a dexter breeder. Lowlines, Miniature Herefords, Llamas, Alpacas, Buffalo,and every other...
  16. ollie

    Hoff Gold Stock

    Wow. 1628#yw. Anyone know the actual weights? That is pounding the scales.
  17. ollie

    angus sale

    Connealy sale averaged 5141.00 on 369 head.
  18. ollie


    Who all slings a noose on the ranch? I can do the reverse hoolahand, or the frisbee toss which ever you want to call it. Works well for real wet babies. Wish I could do better though.
  19. ollie


    Come on Craig. Three more posts then I will admit you are a GURU.
  20. ollie

    Leachman of Colorado

    Was brother Lee the business man of the leachman operation? He has yet to impress me with the kind of pictures that the Leachman operation in Montana has produced in the past. That Saugahatchee picture ect. were good ones. Has anyone been there and observed the sale. How is the quality?