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    We had some Amish kids over yesterday to help cut strings for bale grazing. We make it a party with grandkids etc. Anyway the Amish family quit dairy farming but kept one jersey cow, The kids said the cow would nurse other cows which I have heard of. Now they said unless she is in a stantion she...
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    swath grazing left overs.

    If any one swath grazes here what do you do with the leftovers in spring. espicially large swaths.
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    Swath grazing left overs

    If any one swath grazes here what do you do with the leftovers in spring. espicially large swaths.
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    vermeer baler question

    I think I remember someone here being good with Vermeer balers. I have a 554XL baler and I wish to add a full bale alarm. Are they hard to install? Best place to get an alarm? Dealer? thanks
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    Roller chain

    I want to replace roller chains on our Round baler and Haybuster drill. I got burned on some chain, didn't last but cheap. Where is a good source? thanks
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    Covid observations

    I do not usually do much talking on my own feelings but stick to facts. This morning I heard a speaker say we are closing in on 200,000 covid deaths. but what does that mean? It would mean one Covid death for each 1650 Americans. Now also remember that some states do not require a Covid test...
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    Cow numbers

    I know we have producers from across the nation here. Curious if we are seeing a reduction in cow numbers due to drought. In my area of Minnesota we had very dry conditions early but that has changed. Also wondering if producers relocate cows for awhile or not. thanks farmguy
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    Wife attacked

    My wife was in Home Depot yesterday and she carried a mask but not wearing it. An elderly man struck her with his cane, cursed her in very nasty language and said he hoped she would die. My wife is 71. So on it goes, farmguy.
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    stunted calves

    I have an embarrassing problem and need advise. I had a couple cows that had twins and would not accept the first calf born, only he second. Being my wife and I were going to be busy I paid a grandson to keep the calves until they were off milk replacer and I had a place to put them. I would pay...
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    COVID 19 facts

    Spanish flu 1918 50 million dead 5.26% of worlds population (950 million) Tragic Seasonal flu 2018 650,000 dead .009% world population ( 7.5 billion) typical year Covid 19 2020 488,729 dead & counting .006% world population (7.7 billion) End of the world
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    Hereford talk

    What happened to Hereford talk? I was banned for posting a study on Herefords that was not well received but I still visited the site. Some interesting discussions. No posts for ten days.
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    arkfeld scale

    I don't know where to post this but this is most active forum so here goes. I have an old Arkfeld livestock scale, 1600 lbs. I would like to convert to digital with load bars. Anyone ever done anything like this or have info, site etc. that may help me. I use it to weigh calves at weaning as...
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    fencer question voltage

    I have a 200 mile fencer and I like it. Our fences go through some swamps. My question is I have a voltage tester and the volts at the fencer will range from 5000 to 6500 volts. But at the far end of runs the voltage may be 9900 volts. What gives? thanks farmguy
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    Dry matter intake question

    Herefords at least have an EPD for dry matter intake. My question is can an animal with high dry matter intake do better on poor quality roughage by consuming more. Or does an animal with high dry matter intake utilize less and eat more.
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    City hunter rant

    I'm bored so I will rant. We live by a small river with many bends etc. Years ago every acre was farmed or pastured. But now those little fields by the river are abandoned and very few pasture cattle. By us some land is wilder than it's been in over 100 years. We have many deer, pheasants and...
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    New bull scours

    I have never had a problem with calf scours. I have never given a shot to a calf. We calve in May and on clean pasture. I have brought virgin bulls before and do some AI. I am now looking at buying another bull, yearling virgin. Someone mentioned to me I could be bringing some disease in which I...
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    I brought my year's supply of tractor filters at NAPA. They have a half price sale in March and October. So I saved a lot and I am sure they still made money. I was just wondering what is the mark up on Filters and other parts. Just wondering.
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    Wool Price

    One of my sons has a small flock of sheep. They sheared the sheep prior to lambing and he said the wool is worthless and is going to dump it in a woods on his land. Is it truly worthless? Just curious or if you have enough sheep does it have some value?
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    EPD questions

    Help me to understand. We visited the Line 1 Hereford facility in Montana last year. Very nice people and they are doing some great work. I received their flyer the other day on their latest bulls for sale. Now the EPD definition for YW according to Genex is "the adjusted yearling weights of a...
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    winter grazing

    Just a few comments: we are in central Minnesota and we do bale grazing and winter grazing. We have about 18 inches of snow on the level. I have done this for several years slowly increasing the bale and winter grazing. I planted sorghum sudam again this year but this year I planted a photo...