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    A couple bull pics

    A couple of bulls that will be offered for sale. SMN Mackintosh 1251 On Growsafe test gained 3.84 DMI 22.62 F/G 5.89 RFI -.59 SMN Liberty 1274 Growsafe data ADG 4.02 DMI 22.76 F/G 5.66 RFI .05 New herd bull. Should be a great heifer bull. 75 lb bw with a -0.1 epd with a...
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    Enough carcass in this heifer

    ] A heifer for you to discuss. She was ultrasounded at 388 days of age, weighed 920 lbs, .26 BF, 13.3 REA, 134 ratio, a 1.47 REA/Cwt, and a 4.16 imf score for a 130 ratio. I find it kinda ironic that she is sired by a well proven bull that is -.19 in rea Epd.
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    A few pics from tha past week

    Since the weather turned on me this past week, I guess its time to put a halt to my outside projects and share some of the photos I took this week. Last Sunday, some of the bred heifers grazing cornstalks. Its been a great winter here so far. Just fed a little alfalfa every now and then for...
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    A few months worth of pictures

    I downloaded all 350 pictures off my camera the other day. Hard to beleive that summer is almost gone, and kids are in school. Now I know what they mean when they say the older you get the faster time goes by. Thought I would update those that are interested in a couple of the bulls that I had...
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    Some bull pics

    A few prospective buyers have been asking for some pictures lately of the bulls, but the weather has made it kinda hard. These aren't the best pictures, no clipping, no blowing no fluffing, just the way they are in the snow mud and fog. Let me know what you think. Most of these will go into...
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    Everyone is invited

    We are going to be hosting a stop on the South Dakota Hereford tour tomorrow on September 18th. If you are in the area, feel free to join up at anytime. For those who are interested and cant attend in person, at the evening meal DVauction will be broadcasting some of the highlights of the...
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    Real World Data VS EPDS

    I sent all of my steers except for 3 down to a feedyard in KS. I collected data on all the steers both commercial and the ones out of registered cows. My old Mac 0232 bulls data was very interesting. He had 9 steers in the bunch, mostly out of first calf heifers. He has epds of only 64 on YW...
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    Another Sorry red bull?

    A few pictures of a bull that had been with 45 heifers since the end of May of which about half were AI'd . I took him over to the another bunch of cows since that bull was in the other pasture with my commercial cows. Coming out of trailer. He paused and took his time. Not what he expected...
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    Bull calf pictures

    He are a couple pictures of one of two of my bull calves. BD is 4/5/09. Another calf is 0952, also born 4/4/09, an ET calf by P606 out of a 16 year old donor. an early picture @ about 7 weeks old Last weeks picture Comments are welcome. Have a great day Brian
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    Any thoughts about this bull?

    I am wondering if anyone on here has seen this bull or offspring of this bull; JJD Mr Gold 2001? http://www.herfnet.com/online/cgi-bin/i ... 1&9=535259 I have never used Pure Gold before but I like his mother. She is still producing at 18 years old. She is pictured here...
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    The life of 0822

    I noticed I had several pictures of this heifer calf and her mother from spring through the summer and into fall. You can see her as she gets bigger. Not often get to do that. The dates are on the pictures. This is my mom. About 3 weeks after calving This is me in June. Just got done walking...
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    RFI Tested Hereford Bulls

    Here is a bull I raised that I sent to the University of MO for evaluation performance and RFI evaluation. He was top on the test with a RFI of -5.81. He gained 4.07 per day to rank 7th and was the highest feed Conversion bull in the test with a 1.81 lbs of feed to 1 lb of gain. I had 2...
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    My M326 daughters

    Here are a couple pictures of my M326 daughters. A few bred heifers. They will calve in March. These were escapes that were out on the neighbors field the other day. The two on the left are the M326 daughters. A wet 2 year old picutred from last April , calf is about 11/2 months old...
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    AIing heifers

    I have been AIing heifers the past few days and since it has been raining all morning I thought I would post a picture of the bull I am using on the ones that aren't highly related to him. He has several generations of heifer bulls on both sides of his pedigree and yet he won't leave me with a...
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    Certified Hereford Beef

    It seems like everyone knows about the CAB program and they have become the standard of the industry, but you hear very little about the CHB program. I thought I would throw this letter out there for your thoughts. This was an unsolicited letter and by the way CHB allows select graded beef...
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    Cattle Pictures

    I thought i would share some pictures of my cattle First is my herd bull Liberty l The next is my calveing ease bull, Mackintosh A picture of a steer and heifer I sold at the Excellence sale in Brookings last weekend The heifer, she is a M326 out of a first calf Mac daughter...