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    Matching Farm Buyers To Farm Sellers

    It seems that, sometime ago somewhere, I read about a program that attempts to put younger 'want-to-be'/up-and-coming farmers in touch with folks/older "farmers"/ranchers wishing to sell their places. Wanting to sell as ag and not for subdivisions. Was that a program through Farm Bureau? If...
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    Disconcerting, Has Me Concerned

    It has been very, very dry here. We were in a deficit back in October and its only gotten worse since. (insert blue-faced emoticon here) Normally, this time of year, my cows & calves cannot keep up with the grass. My grass can't keep up with my cows and calves, and what is there, is starting...
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    Where is pdfangus

    Haven't seen him post in quite awhile.
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    A Good Reminder

    A reminder to always check the floors and floor-boards of trailers before each and every use. I hauled a load of calves to the sale today. As I was waiting for mine to run across the scales, I got into a conversation with the scale attendant. She was telling me about a man who was there a few...
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    Wow! I knew it had been a little while since I'd been on the Rancher's board, didn't think it had been THAT long. When did the board change?? When did that new format appear? I find it difficult. :oops: How long ago? (feeling like :dunce: )
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    Another New Law

    Well, for some of us here in Virginia, there will be some happy people and from what I can tell, there will be many, many MORE unhappy people. I admit, I am one of the unhappy ones. Starting tomorrow, one of many new laws, goes into effect......hunting will now be legal on Sundays. My...
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    Another One Gone

    George Jones 'possum' has died at the age of 81. :( Another one of the great ones (IMO) has left us-----who's gonna fill his shoes. Katherine
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    More Newtown fallout

    The Wall Street Journal News Alert GE Capital Cuts Off Lending to Gun Shops GE Capital is cutting off lending to gun shops, as the company rethinks its relationship to firearms amid the fallout from the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. Katherine
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    Smilies and Emoticons

    Where did they go? Did they get lost during the server-switch-snafu? Will they be returning? To the right of the reply posting screen, along with the BBCode, etc it does say "Smilies are ON" . (Insert smilie w/crooked face and questions marks here) Katherine
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    Medina Texas

    Interesting article in WSJ about a ranch in Medina, Texas. A place called Madrono Ranch. Anyone here familiar with the place? A place (mainly for tourist/weekenders) where they offer hunting, butchering and cooking 'school'. Apparently the place has bison, "boars" and deer. Was an...
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    Discouraging News

    One can only hope that somehow, someway and sometime things have got to get better. Markets Alert from The Wall Street Journal U.S. stocks posted their biggest losses of the year following another disappointing employment report. The Dow industrials sank 274.88 points, or 2.2%, to 12118.57...
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    Birthweights,winter 2011-2012

    Is it just my cows or are other folks seeing similar? So far, winter 2011-2012 the birth weights of my calves is below what they usually are by 5-10LBs. Calves are just as thrifty, spunky and hardy as usual, just smaller. Same bull for the last 3 years. Everyone that's calved so far has been...
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    Virginia Beef Expo

    Will anyone here be going to the Va. Beef Expo @ Rockingham fair grounds in Harrisonburg this weekend? Katherine
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    Virginia Cattle Thieves

    Heard on the news this morning (radio) about the theft of 16 head of cattle from a sale barn in Bedford county, in/near Moneta. Apparently the animals were stolen in a similar fashion as posted a few days ago by someone else. The animals were taken from a locked holding pen on Sat...
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    R.A. Brown Ranch

    There's an interesting article in this month's Smithsonian regarding R.A. Brown ranch, Donnell Brown, the Revelation bull and beef production in general. It was refreshing to read a well written, well thought out article relating to beef production in a positive light. And written in such a...
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    Odd-ball Defect

    Full-term bull calf, born alive. Hairless (for all intents and purposes), missing an eye-ball and blind in the other eye. Other than the missing eye and hair, appears to be normal and fully formed. Mother claimed it, calf didn't stand and suck, but has/had the sucking reflex and would suck...
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    Barzonas, where are they now?

    So, are there any of these still around anymore? Anybody here ever see/work with them? Katherine
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    Sold a few

    Sold a handful of calves on Sat. Got the check today. Satisfied with the prices. Highest price 93.5 lowest 75. I can live with that. Mostly 5's and one 6. Katherine
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    Thanks Bob Barker

    Bob Barker has donated 1 million dollars to UVA (University of Virginia) law school for the purpose of starting an 'animal law' program. For students to study and possibly pursue a career in animal rights law. The same has also been donated to Harvard and Yale for the same purpose. Any...
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    Hey Aplus, hope you weren't involved with those wicked tornados that ripped through Kansas. I really feel for the people and families who were hit hard. Katherine