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    Feed for weaning and growing calves?

    This is what i've done in the past. higher protein after weaning, and even using this as a finishing ration, ending on straight WSC (free choice hay of course). Seems like it works pretty well. I have a yearling bulls I'm holding back to cover the herd this winter. I currently have then on about...
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    Fall 2020 breeding, what AI sires are you using?

    Black Capitalist playbook Hoover Dam growth fund Red SCHULER REBEL 0029X
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    newbie question-disc harrows

    Also, will disk up easier if you carpet bomb it with roundup a month or so before disking.
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    Mares Tail

    It’s surely gone to seed already right? If so, there’s no advantage to spraying the mature plants.
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    What’s the best way to wean?!

    Fenceline weaning works for us. Calves don’t fight fences as bad when they see the cow occasionally. They only bawl for a couple days.
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    Bander recommendation?

    Follow up here. I used the zip bandit for the first time this year on 500 pound bulls. I’ll be using them again. Simple, clean and easy.
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    Handling Equipment

    Also, as a side note. And maybe you know this, but it was helpful for me. To get cattle to walk down the alley, start at the chute and walk right next to the alley toward the tub, once you get past the cattle they will move forward. Works way better than standing behind them and pushing. Kinda...
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    Handling Equipment

    I have a priefert tub. It’s a 180° sweep, and is open sided. We tried putting tarps up to close it in, and it didn’t really change the effectiveness. The biggest change was only putting 3 or so head in at a time. Our cattle are tame, and if we put in 5 head, they all just stand there. I think...
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    I personally had a heritage rough rider 22, about 15 years ago, and it was a serious piece of junk. I bought it new, and parts would literally come loose constantly. Now, they could be gems now days, I don’t know. I carry a ruger bearcat if I want a .22 and a bond arms 410/45 for snakes. I love...
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    Finally got a squeeze chute

    Next up is an alley and some kind of tub? We got one a couple years back after my dad had his leg broken by a cow. After years of squeezing cattle between panels and fences by hand....I would never ever go back. So safe, so quiet, so much less yelling and wanting to kill your friends family and...
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    Capitalist vs DV patriot

    Looking for moderate size and easy fleshing, who wins, cap 028 or his son patriot. Anyone have experience with both? I have heifers from 028 born last fall and I like the, so far.
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    Buying on the hoof

    Jersey has good fat and marbling, but tiny steaks and the fat is kind of yellow colored, which some folks dislike! Angus is great! No experience with wagyu.
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    Grain Finishing Angus Steers

    I was targeting about 12% protein up to about 1000 pounds, then went to 10, if I remember right. The last month or two straight corn is fine.
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    Grain Finishing Angus Steers

    That’s great! I think the key to our business is more consumer direct sales. Keep it up!
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    Grain Finishing Angus Steers

    I agree with September/october, and also that more time on high energy grain helps marbling a ton. We fed 1/2% of body weight for probably 6 months before bumping up the intake, at around 1000 pound live weight. Meat is wicked good. Bought bulk corn from co-op and that’s cheap feed. Also I...
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    Grain Finishing Angus Steers

    I fattened out two steers this past year on whole corn and soybean meal and free choice hay. The meat is excellent and it turned out to be a pretty cheap way to feed. Started 6lbs/day of grain, and increase a pound every couple days to 25lbs. Figure 3-3.25/day gain at 25lbs of feed, and...
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    Solar fence chargers

    Parmak 12v seems to be highly rated. I have 2 of them, and no problems yet
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    Butyrac 200?

    Also, I ran some numbers, and for me, it was cheaper to spray 24d and frost seed clover the next year, than spray butyrac. Also, more successful weed kill with 24d
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    Butyrac 200?

    It’s pricey, and weeds have to be very small to get a good kill. In my experience, if you don’t have thistle to kill, use 24d at a rate less than 1qt/acre, and a good portion of the clover will survive. Especially if you do it when you’ve had rain, and more rain on the way.