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    Push Plows

    Dad is still using one to lay off the rows but the Troy Bilt takes care of the weeds.
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    castration dilemma?

    What do they weigh? That would be my biggest concern.
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    The representative from the great state of FLO - RITA done went and spoked the truf! We done went and got ourselves caught up in a high profile mission - tried recruitin' some fellers to hep us but none of them understood what chicken fingers wuz! We is happy to report that our mission has...
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    I B Here! Been cuttin' firewood.
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    trailer brakes

    That CF is one smart feller!!!! He knows pert near everything...
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    We been workin' way too much. Sellin' sweet corn and movin' cattle! Headin' off to another sandwich right now - talk at ya'll soon!
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    Pawpaw trees

    Getting harder to find around here - most are along fence rows / edge of the woods - those sorts of areas. Haven't seen one for a few years but then again, I haven't been looking for them either.
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    Whats for supper?

    Corndog and lemonade - that's the ticket right there. Smear some mustard on that and its a feast.
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    Tell 'em the truth cf. We're all eatin' 'em for the same reason - CAN'T AFFORD NOTHIN' ELSE!! The local store had bologna on sale - dollar a package. I got me some of that, a loaf of white bread (which I never eat) and one of the biggest old tomatoes you ever seen and I was in hog heaven...
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    Sale Rip?

    A number of possibilities: 1) Too much ear - which has alredy been mentioned. 2) May have been mistakenly seen as a bull instead of steer. 3) Once a buyer's order is filled - he is done. If the trailer is full you can't put the steer in the cab with you. The other thing is selling a single...
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    No sell Question

    I'm with RedBull on this one - sell 'em off the farm. Another alternative would be to use a video sale - if your local sale barn handles those sales. I think taking them to the sale and then bringing them home is just too risky - i.e. could carry home a nasty cough and spread it around, could...
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    Sweet Corn

    I'm guessing that some out of towners stopped by and didn't understand the process. I'll say you lost the cash and the corn.
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    Angus Bred Heifers...Good Deal?

    One word answers whether or not to buy these heifers: PASS.
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    Barber shop

    Barber shop is the best source of news since Walter Cronkite. There's a quote on the wall of the local joint that reads something like : 'It's a shame that all the people in America that really know how to run the country are either cutting hair or driving taxis." Ain't it the truth.
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    Sweet Corn

    We've been selling for the last two weekends - $.25 / ear. Stuff sells faster than anything I've ever sold before.
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    Poll - how do you like your eggs?

    Can't think of anyway that I don't like 'em. Gotta be from the country though - can't take them store bought eggs. BB
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    Garden Progress?

    Intersting little note on the sweet corn this year. It seems as though the silks aren't turning brown when the corn is ready! I know that sounds crazy but that's what we've always used to determine if it was ready - we just happened to check a few ears and they were almost too full and the silks...
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    Garden Progress?

    Been pickin' some really nice Jade beans - sort of a stringless half runner. The flavor is the same and the prep time is a whole lot less. Corn should be ready by the weekend - can almost taste it now!!!
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    Sale barn volume up

    We've got plenty of grass, plenty of rain but the sale barns are still way above average volume - especially on feeders. I'd say almost double the usual numbers for this time of the year. I think that some folks just need a few extra nickels for vacation time.
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    Broccoli Suggestions

    The broccoli looks like it might be the only thing that produces very much in this year's garden. Anybody have any good and easy recipes for it? A soup recipe would be much appreciated!