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    Arched Back Cow

    We have a cow, that seems to be standing with an arched back. This is not a typical stance for her, we've had her 3 years now. She is due to calve in late Feb/Mar....... To me it appears to be pre-calving stance, but CAN'T be! Her BC = 6 and feeds well. Any ideas would be helpful.
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    Ideal weight to band

    We band at 500 to 600 pounds with the Callicrate Smart Bander. Also the recomendation of Tetanus toxoid is critical.
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    Scale Options & Location

    Lukelangford makes a good point, sometimes when things are busy I wish I had the scale further upstream.
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    my mini cow is losing her hair

    Have to agree here, 4 Days for Shots???? and never heard of "Pasture Rash", but learn something new every day. Out of curiosity what shots were given, and was the worming a paste or a pour-on? Do you have some pictures of the mini-cows coat that we could see?
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    Scale Options & Location

    We use a Tru-Test SR2000 head and the SHD Load Bars under our squeeze chute. The animal enters the chute and catches itself in the head gate. We squeeze it and the animal is motionless. The scale head has some type of dampening calculation software to aid in stabilizing the reading. I'm not...
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    Cows well traveled?

    I can see the average bovine passing through 5 states in it's life time but not residing in 5.
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    Cows well traveled?

    5 States sure seems high to me..... Born in one state and weaned, trucked to another to fatten in a feed lot, then maybe move to another state for processing....
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    Bulls ARE cheaper than AI

    We do AI a portion of our herd every year and maintain cleanup bulls. I fail to see how anyone could be 100% AI and not have cleanup bulls. After the fall preg checks if they are open they grow wheels. With that in mind, if a producer is 100% AI, and has 80% of his cows sticking, he would...
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    Friendly Wager

    Around here we have "1st Calf Heifers" "2nd Calf Heifers" and "Cows". So after she has her second calf, she becomes a cow.
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    Simental BW Epd Question

    What is the accuracy of his epd's and his sires? Who was his sire? Depending on his sire I would consider him for use on heifers. We breed Angus heifers and cows to Simmental bulls. The calving ease is far more important than the birth weight IMHO.
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    Weighing new borns

    We use a hang scale and nylon strap, works very well for new borns. Have not tried it on the Bull.... I think the strap might be a little short ;-)
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    Try using 1 inch needles for SQ shots and 1.5 inch needles for IM shots. Talk to your vet and find out about getting BQA Certified. It's a short program but well worth your time.
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    corral muck

    Kinda wondering what percentage of manure is required for mud to turn to muck? Looking at my bull pen today I'm thinking maybe we have passed the muck to something else........... :shock:
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    Where do you weigh your cattle?

    I guess being an engineer type I like numbers. Use those silly things to make charts and graphs.... deciding which critters to keep and those to cull..... how feed rations are working.... blablabla kinda like my digital therometer too but that is another post.... RFID wand??? what the (be...
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    Cattle Financial Advisory Services.

    Is the EPA involved with manure runoff and site control on these operations?
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    Plants Toxic to Cattle

    Thanks for the link, great info especially in the fall when we clean out the garden. I had no idea tomato plants were toxic to cattle.
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    Cattle Trailers

    If you want an Aluminum, go with a Wilson. They are riveted together not welded, so they flex as you drive them over rougher ground. Welded trailers tend to fracture at the weld. Remember you can buy several steel goosenecks for the price of one aluminum trailer. Haul often and an aluminum...
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    The Ultimate Scratch Off Ticket

    ROFLOL :lol:
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    Just playing with the camera (dialup warning)

    Nice pics, thanks!
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    Tell me bout Wyoming

    It's sort of like a desert, but you better learn to love the cold. Pretty country IMHO.........