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  1. cypressfarms

    Husqvarna chainsaw

    I broke down and finally bought a real chainsaw; a Husky 460 Rancher, with a 24" bar. Anyone have any opinions or experiences?
  2. cypressfarms

    Promises kept

    Good evening all, Some of you may remember: In 2009 I had throat cancer. I was 39 when I found out. I'm catholic, with a 4 year old son at the time. The thought of leaving him without a dad wasn't a possibility. I made many promises to God; if he only helped me get through it. Well, after...
  3. cypressfarms

    Hey Everyone!

    So my old buddy Caustic called my cell this morning just to make sure I was still alive and kicking. Thanks Caustic, for reminding me that I still have friends on the board! Family stuff, mostly keeping me busy. Oldest daughter got married last September, middle daughter graduates LSU next...
  4. cypressfarms

    Favorite handgun?

    First, Hi everyone! As usual, I've been off the boards for too long, with no good reason :( I've discovered the wonderful world of Smith and Wesson revolvers, and wondered what other people's favorite handgun was and why..... My son and I shoot weekly in the back pasture now (can't have enough...
  5. cypressfarms

    Confused newbie

    Good afternoon all! Last weekend worked all of my cows. Took three small bull calves to the stockyard because their momas needed some relief from the constant milking. Picked up the check the next evening and I spent 30 minutes in the car looking at the check. How on earth could three calves...
  6. cypressfarms

    advice on older colt

    I have had a regimented training routine with every foal born on my farm. I put my hands on them from birth, visit them every day, and spend a lot of time with them while they are still very young. Unfortunately, I had a mare foal last September - a really nice colt - but I wasn't able to spend...
  7. cypressfarms

    Looking forward to 2014

    I've been breeding Arabians for more than 10 years now. I can't keep still; like an excited kid. I have my prized mare, a very large (for an Arabian) right under 16hh chestnut, at my buddies Arabian farm to have her bred to a champion Arabian. Just got lucky, and my buddy owed me a favor, so I...
  8. cypressfarms

    baldies everywhere

    This was meant to be the first of many years that our farm produced baldies. Unfortunately got some repeated bad advice from a vet, and the baldy maker is gone. Regardless, it's nice to see the unpredictable colors of baldies running around the pasture. Thought I'd share a few pictures of the...
  9. cypressfarms

    guess the calf

    I know it's been a long time since I've been on the board; three kids and elderly parents will keep you busy. Spring time is my favorite of the year; calves running everywhere and nature waking up. So, let's play guess the calf; or more precisely guess the calf's sire and moma. Those of you...
  10. cypressfarms

    crazy prices

    Had a guy come by to visit this afternoon; this guy bought replacement heifers from my dad almost yearly. When he called to ask if he could drop by, I ofcourse agreed... Only the neighborly thing to do. As we were riding through my pastures, we came up to where my cows were..... He saw a cow...
  11. cypressfarms

    time to re-think retaining heifers?

    It seems as if our high prices for calves may be here to stay for a while. With cattle inventories at a very low level, and demand still strong, prices are "expected" to remain high. I brought a couple of calves to the stockyard recently; the owner of the stockyard said that prices would remain...
  12. cypressfarms

    for you genetic gurus

    I've got a couple of questions for the genetic gurus out there: I have a white (with some black spotting) LONGHORN cow. (Before the obvious question; my kids like the "color", and they only cost me $250, so I bought several longhorn heifers a few years back - I culled the bad ones and have two...
  13. cypressfarms

    Where the heck is Cypress !???

    HI all, As some of the more veteran members may have noticed, I have taken yet another leave of abscence from the CT boards. I have some truly great friends here, and while I have a few minutes I wanted to apologize to you all. I've had to put both of my parents in a nursing home. I guess you...
  14. cypressfarms


    Brought a 5 weight steer to the stockyard yesterday, because he kept getting out. He had horns about 2 inches long, was black, but didn't look very good - a demetrius for sure. Best guess is that he's a 3rd rate mutt; and with the horns, you never know. I had traded for him and a few other...
  15. cypressfarms

    $900 oil change

    This morning I dropped my Ford F150 4x4 off at a Firestone place about a block from where I work, and asked for an oil change, and to have the tires rotated. About an hour later, I got a call and was told the hub was bad and needed to be replaced. When they pulled the hub off, the spline and...
  16. cypressfarms

    February 4th and what?!?!?!?

    Granted I haven't even been on this earth for a half century yet, but I never have seen clover 2 -3 " tall in late January/early February. 76 here today, with rain all day. I was able to put out hay before the rain really started coming down hard this morning - (even after this front we're still...
  17. cypressfarms

    I've been losing money

    I have been supplying two local nursing homes with beef for a few years now. I also sell calves to individual people as well, normally through word of mouth. I usually make more net profit (at least $100 - but usually more) per calf doing this. Any surplus calves go to the stockyard. This...
  18. cypressfarms


    I have a lot of friends on the CT board from Texas. The last couple of years have been murder on them with the lack of rain and subsequent hay shortage. From what I can tell, y'all have been getting some fronts come through and rain. Is it looking any better? The past two years every hay baler...
  19. cypressfarms

    anyone else have a

    really mild winter so far. We're still in the 70's during the day. My hay consumption is way below what I thought. Don't know if anyone else is as fortunate. My kids always hope for snow in the winter, I hope for 70 degree weather! I'm sure that it'll turn frigid now that I've posted this.....
  20. cypressfarms

    cow down

    Hi all, Yes It's been a while since I've been on the board. With a new job and three kids, I just haven't had the time. I was sitting out in the pasture earlier this evening and felt the need to get back in touch with my cattlemen friends. So here's the current problem at Cypress Farms...