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  1. fit2btied

    Need Your Prayers

    Haven't been on here for quite some time, but once again, my family could surely use your prayers. My 16 year-old grandson died suddenly last week. His brother sent his mom a text saying he was having trouble breathing. Sent another within a couple minutes to tell her he was not breathing. The...
  2. fit2btied

    Rough Start with the Fall Calvers

    My brother has moved / is moving his cows to a fall calving season. They are currently running on a neighbors land. Friday, they decided to brush hog the seed heads and when going around the pond bank, they ran over what was apparently the first calf of the season. They weren't expecting...
  3. fit2btied

    Chainsaw 18, Brother 0

    My brother called this evening and said he was doing some tree trimming this morning and somehow ended up with the saw into his leg. He apparently got just careless enough to get himself 18 stitches. Said he had just cut a 3 or 4 inch tree and didn't know if it kicked back, if he just dropped it...
  4. fit2btied

    JD 5300

    Looked at a JD 5300 this morning. It is a one family, father/son tractor with 2705 hrs. The son is an auto/farm equipment mechanic. The tractor looks to be in near new condition and was always shedded. 3 cyl. diesel, shuttle shift - 9 forward - 3 reverse, 2WD, rollbar w/canopy, FEL with 6'...
  5. fit2btied

    MO Simmental Association Spring Sale

    Sale is noon this Saturday, 3/26, at Eldon, MO. Has the most reds I've seen listed in a long time without being a Fleckvieh sale. Anyone else planning to go?
  6. fit2btied

    Political Correctness Defined

    For years I have followed the belief that " Political correctness is a fear response to freedom" . However, I found a new interpretation of the topic as follows. "Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream...
  7. fit2btied

    Missing My Dad

    Today, Feb. 6, would have been my dad's 81st birthday. We lost him to cancer in '96 at age 66, three years after he retired. Tagged and banded a new calf by myself this morning - sure brought back a lot of great memories! :D :heart: :D If my kids and grandkids think I'm even half the Dad and...
  8. fit2btied

    First Calf of the Season

    Our 'spring' cows are due to start calving Feb. 20. We bought a couple sale barn replacements for two open cows. After our 6" snow dusting last night, one of them calved this afternoon. About a 70lb bull calf that appears normal and okay with one exception. It apparently has some type...
  9. fit2btied

    4th of July Picnic Signup

    We went to school a half day last Monday and have been out the rest of the week because of ice. Six inches of new snow this morning so far. More snow forecasted for Sunday, Monday and Wednesday with low temps in the single digits Monday through Wednesday. Hope they are as wrong as they usually...
  10. fit2btied

    Prayer Request

    One of my brothers-in -law has been having back pain for a month or two. Doctor did an MRI Thursday and based on the results did some more testing Friday. They told him he has bone marrow cancer and put him in an ambulance and sent him to St. Louis University Hospital. One of his sisters asked...
  11. fit2btied

    Signs and Scenes from the Past

    Seeing the thread on West Texas Ranches made me think back to when I was a kid. We moved from southeast Missouri to Kansas City for about 6 years. As we travelled between the two places, it seemed like every other semi on the hiway had a huge ETMF logo on it. Haven't seen one of those in years...
  12. fit2btied

    Craigslist Bull

    http://stlouis.craigslist.org/grd/2083468408.html This bull has been listed off and on for the past several months. With CAB premiums and all, it's hard to believe someone hasn't jumped on him. If we weren't already committed to our 'Demetrius' linebreeding project, who knows.
  13. fit2btied

    Thanksgiving or Christmas?

    My brother is in the process of moving all his cows, about 20 pairs, up from spring to fall calving. This will be his first year that the bull has been kept away as he has all of them where he wants them. We normally breed the heifers one cycle ahead of the cows but that is not an issue this...
  14. fit2btied

    Democracy vs Liberty

    Democracy: Two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch Liberty: The sheep has a gun
  15. fit2btied


    Working on a couple hay fields for a neighbor, a little over a hundred acres, and have killed 3 copperheads and had 2 get away (that we know of) in the last 2 days. Most of it will be rounds but he has about 10 acres he wants in small squares for his horses. We raked it this afternoon and will...
  16. fit2btied

    Substitute Teacher Shortage

    I teach in a small school district, just over 600 kids, K-12. A couple weeks ago, we had 14 of about 40 teachers out for flu, workshops, etc. They had went through their entire sub list and ended up one teacher short. While they were trying to decide what to do, another teacher called in with...
  17. fit2btied

    Smaller Feed Sacks

    I was in one of the local farm and feed/western TSC type stores yesterday. They carry Nutrena feed products and had signs posted all over the place saying "Due to repeated customer requests, Nutrena Feeds will now be packaged in 40# sacks, for your handling convenience. We listened to you and...
  18. fit2btied

    Grandma playing favorites... again!

    While grandma was playing with our 7 month-old grandson, I asked our only grandaughter, who will turn 4 Dec. 23, if she wanted to help me make some cookies. She was all for it, but wanted to make brownies - and since she pretty much runs the show, we made brownies first! :shock: (She says she...
  19. fit2btied

    First Bale

    I held off as long as I could, but the grass is finally eaten down enough that I had to put out the first hay bale when I got home last night. Even with the 11" rain shortage this year we still ended up with more hay than last year and didn't have to start feeding in November so we should be...
  20. fit2btied

    How about those Rams?

    Does anyone smell a comeback? I certainly don't! But what is really sad is that if they were able to win the rest of their regular season games, they could possibly win their division. Now that's one sad division!