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  1. rockridgecattle

    IP addresses, banned, assume different names

    Ok, so this has happens here. Someone gets the boot, and then a few weeks later, maybe longer they come back reinvented as someone else. Do they just get the user name shut down or does the IP address get banned to? I ask because I'm on another site. The forum is very specific and it's not...
  2. rockridgecattle

    Cold in Manitoba

    It's -23C with a windchill of -36 C And they said it would be a mild winter. Nice to see the sunshine.
  3. rockridgecattle

    850 new holland baler

    Got me a problem Actually husband does. The back gate on the baler goes up on its own while baling. Cylinder changed on one side. Tractor ruled out as the problem Ideas?
  4. rockridgecattle

    7 gallons of puss...not for the faint of heart

    First, I have permission from our vet to post. I am posting the link for the moment until I get time to download the pics. I have been asked to add that this bull will be treated by daily flushing and long acting oxytetracycline for 3 treatments There are 5 pics, need to scroll down...
  5. rockridgecattle


    So cool so cool. Last year on the advice of my vet, I got to pull some stunts. All I will say is it involved a 14 gauge needle as a last resort. This cow this last year had mastitis and treatment was long but successful. This year about a months ago I noticed the quarter swelling and told...
  6. rockridgecattle

    Ugg...people...heads in the sand...vet issues

    Yes this does belong to the health and nutrition Vet issues...NOT WITH OUR VET We have a very good vet! Here is the problem. In Manitoba, we have about 26 gov funded clinics. There is a local vet board who overseas each clinic, provides the building, some of the diagostic equip, hires the vet...
  7. rockridgecattle

    Does not get better than this

    DONE DONE DONE!!!!!!!! Now to finish fencing, land work, seeding and get the bees split before they start to swarm
  8. rockridgecattle

    calf issues

    Ok, I knew that this season would be tough. All of last year's flooding then poor pasture, some hay issues would lead to some calving issues. The first round of calving the calves came out strong. Lost a few, head back in the birthing canal, bag over the face, heart defect, and something else...
  9. rockridgecattle

    Upside down, backwards and alive

    Ya know some days just go not as planned but hum along. I however do not think the cow would concure. It has been quiet on the calving front. In that end of the season lul. Hubby is driving the school bus and tells me to check at 4. Out i go, there is a cow who we knew would be calving. She...
  10. rockridgecattle

    Happy Easter

    I know there is a strong Christian presence on this board. For those who are not, just a heads up, these are Christian songs on His Ressurection. I am sorry if i offend you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkIJfLfz ... ure=fvwrel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyPBVwOC ... re=related...
  11. rockridgecattle

    days like these

    I am so upset i could, well, rant, scream, punch, but I think i will take on typing I am not upset the calf died. I mean this cow has been battling pnemonia for two weeks. With the drugs, the fever, the illness it was anyone's guess if the calf would come out alive. What upset me is what...
  12. rockridgecattle

    It was a bad day

    So the day starts off well. After breakfast head out to check on the cows. Hubby brings the tractor to feed as well. I am in my rav 4 and it goes where the 4 wheeler can not. Amazing Any how, i hear a cow bellering in the cow calf pen. Head in for an inspection, calf looks like it just up...
  13. rockridgecattle

    Bees Bees and More bees

    So last year we took amazingly heavy losses which set us on our backsides. This year the loss rate is less than 5% which is amazing...still not out of the woods yet. But the kicker in this is the bees are a month ahead of schedule. This is good, but can also cost us if it gets cold. And as...
  14. rockridgecattle

    older house trailers...grrr

    We have had two roof leaks, two more on the way, a ceiling which is about to cave in, and a kitchen sink which will not drain. Hubby really does not want to go under the house which is only two feet ground to floor and it is -27 C and he has to travel on his belly to go from one end of the...
  15. rockridgecattle

    Some pics of the day

    Yesterday and today we had some real nice hoar frost. No pics yesterday cause i was extracting. This morning could not resist the shutter bug urge A chair in the bush on the cliffs overlooking the lake Some of the cliffs buried in ice from the high winds at freeze up. Normally these cliffs...
  16. rockridgecattle

    where do i post random pics

    I am not sure where to post them now. Ya I am confused...a natural reality for me at times A little help please :D
  17. rockridgecattle

    Well, doesn't that beat all...white not in style...update

    The original post was about white appliances and how they were hard to come by. Any ways, on the boxing days sales, I got my washer. Still has to be delivered. Now i got it almost half off the regular price. The choice was either silver (metal finish) or royal grape. I hoped for the metal...
  18. rockridgecattle

    Little drummer boy

    here is a vid of a young lad (16) who goes to school and lives in Winnipeg MB. He shot the vid, and played the instruments. Pretty cool entertainment. Hope you get a chance to take a look. This vid has gone viral in less than a week http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrNcD34KFhM
  19. rockridgecattle

    Well, doesn't that beat all...white not in style

    Well, last night i was going to post this. At 3:25 am, still up, just finished working, and on another pepsi high. But dang, the computer was slow loading the page, and by the time it loaded, (3 minutes) i totally forgot. It was well thought out too. Just filed under old age and pepsi i...
  20. rockridgecattle

    Manitoba flood 2011

    Here is a link to a video of the flood damage that a family made. The pics are from other families in the flood zone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKzBt5Q ... ture=share The fears are that the spring of 2012 will be worse that what is going on now. The lake level on Lake Manitoba dropped...