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  1. fit2btied

    Need Your Prayers

    Haven't been on here for quite some time, but once again, my family could surely use your prayers. My 16 year-old grandson died suddenly last week. His brother sent his mom a text saying he was having trouble breathing. Sent another within a couple minutes to tell her he was not breathing. The...
  2. fit2btied

    MISSOURI PEOPLE! Please check in,

    We just had about a half-hour of heavy rain and wind here. Madison County around the Marquand area had a little building damage but had to call off school because of trees across several roads. Haven't heard of anything else local.
  3. fit2btied


    Thanks for asking. Just been busy - done a little stalking but haven't logged in. Lost a pole barn to wind this summer and contracted the frame and roof on a new bigger version. Can't seem to put help, weather, and time together. Also had a family crisis with a son having divorce/depression...
  4. fit2btied

    Loading stories: lets hear em

    Was helping my father-in-law load 3 cows. He had about a 20X20 pen with a 10' gate on one side and a walk-through gate leading to the chute on the other. While he was backing up the trailer, the cows went into the pen. Mother-in-law slammed the big gate shut and started yelling that they were...
  5. fit2btied

    Why you came here?

    :lol: Are you sure about that or are ya just guessin'? Where's your research? Post a link to your sources. :roll: Seemed like some form of that ended up in every argument she was involved in, which was pretty much every thread she posted in.
  6. fit2btied

    Why you came here?

    Now that there's funny! Worth the price of admission all by itself! :lol:
  7. fit2btied

    How long we've been here

    Was here about a year before registrations, signed up 12/21/2003. Still don't have 1000 posts yet, but I do have more than Macon. :) Dun was dunmovin, la4angus, cherokee ruby, BullLady, blackpower, txag, ellie may, arnold ziffle, campground cattle, jake, ann bledsoe, alice, are some of the...
  8. fit2btied

    Why you came here?

    I was doing a search for Simmental sales and CT was one of the hits. Don't post much and don't always log in, but usually at least check in once a day. Dial-up prevents pic posting, video watching, etc. Still waiting for Obama's low-cost high-speed internet for all. A local outfit was awarded a...
  9. fit2btied

    New Semen Tank $299

    If the posse had to be rounded up again, reckon any of them would still be young and feeble enuf to ride? LOL Memories of Blackpower and the good ol' days - even goin back before registrations on CT. Thanks Macon for a great site. My wife asks 'Don't you ever get tired of readin that stuff?' Not...
  10. fit2btied

    Corn bread help please !!!

    Saw a tip on a JiffyMix box that called for adding some dill seed to the mix for a little twist. The wife said it tasted wierd, but I loved it. Now I make two batches at a time and load mine with dill seed and/or dill weed. Be cookin up a big pot of beans with Thanksgiving leftover ham in the...
  11. fit2btied

    Turkey tips.

    Both of my sisters fixed turkeys this year, one of them usually does a ham. Since we were only having one get-together, I baked one of my grandson's 4-H cured meat project hams. Everyone said it was 'some kinda good' and I had to agree. I told him he did a good job but I wasn't sure it was worth...
  12. fit2btied

    Could I ask for some prayers,please..

    Consider it done and always keep the faith.
  13. fit2btied

    Fatalities Caused by Cattle

    Not caused by cattle but... Palmyra, MO — About 9:19 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, the Marion county Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call at 1300 Pocahontas. Information to the sheriff’s office was a man down in a harvested field just outside the Palmyra city limits. During the...
  14. fit2btied

    Am I just miising him

    I'm on here a lot through the middle of the night when the normal people are asleep and Dun is often logged in then - not saying we ain't normal, but...
  15. fit2btied

    english shepard

    A co-worker of my wife gave us his after a divorce. Can't say anything as to being a working dog, but she was without a doubt, the best guard dog I have ever seen.
  16. fit2btied

    Your First Car

    My dad traded a '70 Chevelle for two VW Beetles, a new '74 for him and a '66 1300 he gave me for graduation. I drove the bug for a couple years and traded it for a '67 Impala SS hardtop. It was the first car I paid for - wish I still had it. The first new car I bought was a '74 Plymouth...
  17. fit2btied

    Rough Start with the Fall Calvers

    The neighbor, who is 82, is who hit it. He thought it was another neighbor's dog, known for chasing the cows when he first saw it. His next trip around, he saw it was a calf. If it's not one thing, it's another.
  18. fit2btied

    Rough Start with the Fall Calvers

    My brother has moved / is moving his cows to a fall calving season. They are currently running on a neighbors land. Friday, they decided to brush hog the seed heads and when going around the pond bank, they ran over what was apparently the first calf of the season. They weren't expecting...
  19. fit2btied

    Herd Sire your Thoughts

    I'll be danged! Learn somethin' every day.
  20. fit2btied

    Chainsaw 18, Brother 0

    Bro went back to the Dr today to have stitches removed. The nurse said they weren't ready but the Dr checked them and said take them out. Went home and ate lunch and then was putting a new blade on the lawnmower. Noticed blood on his jeans and dropped his drawers to find the middle two inches...