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  1. aussie_cowgirl

    Funny Agribusiness ad

    A bank in Australia called ANZ is trying to promote their agribusiness sector by releasing these ads. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liS0OFWBOFw
  2. aussie_cowgirl

    Standy to muck around with

    Picked up this OTT standy about a month ago. He's an 8yo who's about the 14.3/15hh mark, a little small for me maybe (5'6"). He was retired due to his owners having a falling out so as he stands he has a clean bill of health and fitness. Quiet as but fortunately in saddle he is neither forward...
  3. aussie_cowgirl

    Perth Royal 2010- updated, new photos new post

    Here's some before pictures, one or 2 were posted elsewhere. The studs get shown on Saturday so I should have some nice photos (and hopefully ribbons). The carcass steers are shown on Sunday and sold on Monday. Unfortunately our little steer hasn't come up in fat cover, he'll still be there...
  4. aussie_cowgirl

    2010 carcass show steer

    I posted this in the show board but I figured I'd put it here too so the non board venturers could see. Like every other show steer I've ever posted this guy is going into a hoof and hook competition based on supermarket specs. So he gets judged on hoof, then auctioned, then judged on the...
  5. aussie_cowgirl

    2010 carcass show steer

    Like every other show steer I've ever posted this guy is going into a hoof and hook competition based on supermarket specs. So he gets judged on hoof, then auctioned, then judged on the hooks. This bloke is a little gelb steer. He's about 350kg as of 2 weeks ago, another 6 weeks to go and we're...
  6. aussie_cowgirl

    Red Angus shots

    So background is I went out to work with my friend from high school who has just turned 20. She works at the high school farm as essentially their livestock manager. These pics are from her stud red angus breeding program. Only run about 25 breeding cows. They might not be perfect but are much...
  7. aussie_cowgirl

    New photos of Eli *+1 more new one*

    Eli the Kelpie pup is about 4 months old now. He's adjusted well to city life but his instincts come out every so often. He tried to bring some magpies to me at the park the other week. Impressive cast so I'm torn about whether to try him with sheep but the fact is I won't likely need to do any...
  8. aussie_cowgirl

    Whopper calf

    Got these from my friend down home. Pulled him from a small heifer who wasn't over fat at all. Red Angus sire normally throws moderate calves so the heifer is on the cull list. 60kg so... 132lb.
  9. aussie_cowgirl

    Couldn't help it... getting a puppy edit: new pics

    So my friend's parents have a litter of Kelpie pups. Normally I could look at 100 litters of Kelpies and not care much at all but one of these little fellas tugged the right heart strings. After a few weeks of deliberation I told my friend I would take him if he was still available. He had been...
  10. aussie_cowgirl

    Happy Birthday Hillsdown!

    Happy birthday Hillsdown! It's the 7th here so I thought I would take advantage of a early time zone. Hope you don't have too many calves huddled inside today so you have time to enjoy it!
  11. aussie_cowgirl

    Ex-show FB Maines and a prospect RA heifer

    These 2 maines are 2001/02 drop calves. So they're 8-9 years. When we got out of the Maines they went into the commercial herd. Still producing good calves. We're in the dry season at the moment but they seem to be holding themselves ok. First one had her calf weaned, second one is still nursing...
  12. aussie_cowgirl

    So I know they're supposed to have a slight roman nose but..

    ...seriously? Snapped this last week at a pacer/trotter stable. It actually looks bigger in real life. I feel bad for laughing because he has a wonderful nature.
  13. aussie_cowgirl

    Harvest Photos

    Hi all. Just thought I'd share some photos of the grain collection site where I work over summer. This first one you can see last years grain tarped. There was a lot of rain so the feed grade wheat is still there from last year (That bulk head has about 25000 tonnes in it. This year screenings...
  14. aussie_cowgirl

    Market heifer

    I posted the thread a few weeks ago in the Show forum but I know most of you don't go in there. So I thought I would post it in here. My uni raises and exhibits cattle in a hoof and hook competition which obviously has 2 parts. Judging on hoof and then the animal is auctioned off and judged as a...
  15. aussie_cowgirl

    Some commercial cattle

    These are from my partners family's farm. They used to have a few hundred head but my partner's father died from cancer last year so they down sized to 100 acres so his Mum could keep her horses and a few head of cattle to supplement her income. These are just average cattle. However I found a...
  16. aussie_cowgirl

    Talk about potential

    Found this little guy online. It'd be nice to see how he turns out. It doesn't have his age though. Says he's sired by Legacy and his mother is apparently the top donor cow for the herd. Anyway thought I would share.
  17. aussie_cowgirl

    Must see towns in the deep south

    What are some nice towns in the south of the USA? Sometime in the next few years I want to go over for a looksie and I'm kind of drawn to the small southern town idea. I watch too much TV I guess. Alternatively, where are some nice places in the USA in general. I'm not a big touristy person, I...
  18. aussie_cowgirl


    So my cat finally had her kittens on Wednesday all healthy although the last one was born breech. I had to be the backyard vet and help him out and clear his airways, made me feel special. She had 4 ginger males. So we still have no idea what the father was :lol2: Photos as promised.
  19. aussie_cowgirl

    Need some identification help

    Assignment for uni... I'm identifying some pastures and weeds and I came across this fellow and I can't find anything about it. It may just be an Australian plant but I'm not sure. There's no crescent markings and the veins of the leaf are almost not visible from the top; underneath they're...
  20. aussie_cowgirl

    "Pain-free animals could take the suffering out of farming"

    Found this on New Scientist while I was looking for articles for university. I'm really angry about it for a few reasons.