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  1. RanchMan90

    Replacement heifer nutrition

    What percentage of body weight of 16% ration + free choice hay would you feed replacement heifers this winter to balance good weight gains and peak maternal performance?
  2. RanchMan90

    Auto catch squeeze chute

    What squeeze chute has the best auto catch head gate?
  3. RanchMan90


    What works for prevention and treatment of mycoplasma?
  4. RanchMan90

    liver flukes

    Anyone have experience with liver flukes? How do I troubleshoot them?
  5. RanchMan90

    water lane

    How wide does a water lane need to be leading up to a pond for 100 or so head?
  6. RanchMan90

    Non taxable structures

    Looking to put a conex or carport near my working pens to keep things organized. Also not wanting to raise my property tax to do so. What do you use or recommend?
  7. RanchMan90

    How about that

    https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news ... n-the.html Probably just enough noise to rattle the futures board a couple cents
  8. RanchMan90

    pi testing

    Does anybody pi test calves they buy? If so what's the most cost effective method?
  9. RanchMan90

    Cross fencing a pond?

    Dividing a pasture with net wire and will lead up to pond on both sides. What's the best way to cross fence a pond?
  10. RanchMan90

    call them hoover

    http://www.blackinkwithcab.com/2018/03/ ... le-hoover/
  11. RanchMan90

    Does sell buy marketing work?

    Does sell buy marketing work?
  12. RanchMan90

    What variables affect the cattle market?

    What variables affect the cattle market in your opinion? Such as commodity prices, weather, import, export, etc...
  13. RanchMan90

    tubs vs cubes

    Seems to be 2 of the most common protein supplements to go along with hay or roughage. Would 38% cubes not be more cost effective than tubs other than convenience?
  14. RanchMan90

    2017 year in review, we are all offended lol

    https://youtu.be/rM93YXVVuFg Made me laugh. Sorry if anybody was offended lol
  15. RanchMan90


    Got a case of mastitis in a non lactating feeder heifer. Took to vet, he recommended a few rounds of la200 therapy. Given a couple rounds of la200 with mixed results, getting tired of running her through chute every couple days. What works on this?
  16. RanchMan90

    Undervalued cattle

    What class of cattle do you think is most undervalued that you could best add value to?
  17. RanchMan90

    Illegal fajitas

  18. RanchMan90

    New outfit

    If you could start a new operation any place in the US, what kind would it be, where, and why?
  19. RanchMan90

    Tx sales

    I've always wondered what the reasoning behind weighing cattle after they've sold in TX salebarns is? Is this done anywhere else?
  20. RanchMan90

    Brahman heifers

    Watched some Brahman heifers weighing 650 lbs bring $3.25 a lb yesterday at the salebarn. Where are people going with these and why?