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  1. txag

    Hereford bull on 3 year old cows

    Only bulls that will be used to sire registered calves will need DNA on profile. From the AHA, FAQ: "Will every bull calf that is registered be required to have a DNA profile on file? No. This is the most misunderstood fact of the new policy. Only bulls that will become herd sires and thereby...
  2. txag

    Buying Hay

    Hey, Caustic....you quit making your own hay, what will you have to complain about all summer? :P
  3. txag

    My Red Brangus Bull (PIcs of calves added)

    Angus Plus http://old.redangus.org/newredsite/them ... eature.htm http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www. ... E67xVtxlJQ
  4. txag

    Miniature Herefords

    from an ad in the Showbox: KP Ranch Miniature Hereford Cattle "Private Treaty Retirement Sale" http://www.miniaturehereford.com/
  5. txag

    Need Steers

    "33 Angus steers that will average 650-700 pounds and all have been weaned over 40 days and had all their shots" http://www.jordancattle.com/StockerFeed ... 13msn.html
  6. txag

    It's been a while..

    Thanks, rocket. They're out of one of our herd bulls.
  7. txag

    It's been a while..

    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. I haven't posted much lately, but I’ve been around long enough to know that you better be prepared for anything when you post pictures here. :oops: :lol: That’s the plan, DOC. We like to use stockpiled forage to hold off on feeding hay as long...
  8. txag

    It's been a while..

    It's been a while since I've posted any pics here. It was so dry & depressing the last two years that I didn't even want to take any pictures, much less post them on the internet. We've been very fortunate to receive much needed rain through the spring & summer this year. The pastures look...
  9. txag

    Question for Beefman

  10. txag

    Question for Beefman

    The Perfection situation wasn't just talked about in whispers. As was mentioned, all of his descendants have an "L" before their registration number and their papers were/are green instead of pink. As for the red holstein, I s'pose it's possible, but my guess would lean more towards...
  11. txag

    Question: Hereford Verified/CHB Feeder Sale

    There is a group already working on getting one of these going in the Texas/Oklahoma area. Check your pm, farmwife.
  12. txag

    Fact check, please

    http://www.tcfa.org/McDsHoax.htm "Information from Dr. David Forrest below: Thank you for taking time to check the validity of the email and providing me an opportunity to respond. This is actually a chain email (urban legend) that misrepresents the situation regarding use of imported beef...
  13. txag

    Doc: How do you take a good picture?

  14. txag


  15. txag

    Thorn bushes/trees

    Here's a pic of a huisache: After Surmount: We've mostly used the Surmount on smaller stuff (under 6ft) & have had good results as long as there's a good application on all the leaves. It's best to spray late summer (August) & fall.
  16. txag

    Why not Red Baldies?

    We run black brangus bulls on some of our commercial polled hereford cows. Occasionally we'll get a bull that's a red carrier & will get some red calves. Some of our heifer customers prefer black but some don't have a preference (they just want good ones & don't worry about the color). The...
  17. txag

    Thorn bushes/trees

    We've had really good results on huisache with Surmount. Locust is listed on the label as well: http://www.dowagro.com/range/products/surmount.htm
  18. txag

    How about posting some Cows?

    There were some really good cows posted in this thread also: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=28759&p=304760#p304760
  19. txag

    Usernames ?

  20. txag

    Wild Hog Damage

    http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent ... 3b9bb.html