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    Propane Tanks

    Propane thread on trucks reminded me I need to price out a larger tank (for my house). Have a 500 gallon tank and lock prices in summer. However, that fine print leaves all kinds of weasel room for transportation surcharges and I found myself with a larger than anticipated bill when they had...
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    Wire Gate Fence Latches

    I’ve got several poor mans’ gates with no intentions of upgrading anytime soon. Always had brace wire loops to hold in place, but they never seem to hold quite as tight as I would prefer after awhile. Adding another twist or two makes it nearly impossible to close. Show me some homemade cheap...
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    2018 Writeoff Toys

    Early on this year I was determined on getting a good set of pallet forks for my loader. However, between discussions of converting everything to a quick attach and not finding an affordable used set I talked myself into a new disc mower after spending a miserable day working on a 40 year old...
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    Loader Pallet Forks

    Okay, so after borrowing a tractor a few times in the last several months to utilize their forks I’ve decided to buy my own this year. I have an older style Westerndorf WL-21 (no quick attach). Westerndorf just gave me a price of $1,600+ FOB at factory for the 48 model, place in MO appears to...
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    Heat Pumps

    Didn't want to hijack the furnace thread, but thought I'd ask here after seeing the post. I'm looking at putting in a air source heat pump for my house. Just got off the phone pricing out a 3 ton, 16 SEER, Goodman... Anyone have feedback on newer air source heat pumps in general, or the brand...
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    Open Critique

    Not the best picture, but it's the best I've been able to get in the last couple months. She's a Connealy Counselor daughter and just shy of 9 months. Curious to hear comments good bad or indifferent show related or not. Not looking to show, just trying to learn...