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  1. J

    Upland Bird Hunting

    I've been doing a little bird hunting with a couple of buddies at one of those buy your bird places. It's a lot of fun but I'd love to get out and chase some wild birds with our dogs. Anybody have any guides, outfitters, or public land they would recommend? Quail and pheasant are probably the...
  2. J

    4H Show lambs - in Missouri

    My two kids are going to show lambs at this year's county fair. Anybody raise any or have any contacts they would share? Thanks
  3. J

    4H/FFA Livestock Expo - Success

    My son had a great weekend at our local 4H/FFA Livestock Expo. His market hog was the Reserve Grand Champion during the live show and then also won Overall Reserve Grand Champion once they factored in live show results, average daily gain, and carcass. He was very excited and I was one proud Dad!
  4. J

    Cape San Blas, FL

    Can anybody give me the good, bad, and ugly on vacationing in Cape San Blas? My wife was told about this spot but I don't personally know anybody that's been. I'd trust this bunch more than online reviews as well. It would be my wife and I along with my 10 year old son and 8 year old...
  5. J

    TC Encore misfires

    I've had this Encore frame for a number of years and had zero problems. Shot muzzle loader and 22-250 barrels. I bought a 308 barrel for my son to step up. I sighted the gun in with Hornady reduced recoil loads. Shot fine. Here comes Sunday morning and the gun snapped twice shooting at a...
  6. J

    Stock Trailer Tarps

    Any good sources for replacement stock trailer tarps out there? Gooseneck wants a fortune. Something close to MO would be great to save on shipping. Thanks
  7. J

    EPIC hay tarp FAIL!!!

    Uncovered my hay stack last night and discovered that the tarp had apparently not shed a drop of water since I put it on. 1/3 to 1/2 of the bales are ruined or mostly ruined. Mold and stuff growing everywhere. The monetary loss sucks but I've actually got plenty of hay at another farm. My...
  8. J

    Hair Sheep

    Anybody on here raise Hair Sheep? Thinking of buying some Katahdin for my wife and kids. Looking for a good website to do some learning or locate a mentor that can do some teaching. Thanks
  9. J

    Shrimp Boil rookie

    Wife and I just built a house and are wanting to have several friends over for a cookout. I was thinking about doing a shrimp boil with the fixings. Was hoping some of you Southern chefs could help me out with a recipe and or pointer or two. Thanks
  10. J

    St. Jude Marathon Weekend 2014

    My wife and I were scheduled to go last year but the ice storm kept us away. Our team, the Mizzou Maniacs, raised around $8,500 and logged almost 300 miles on Saturday. I personally ran the half marathon and was very proud of my time and finish. Beer tent was glorious afterwards. I wanted...
  11. J

    Son's Youth Season Buck

    My son and I had a great youth season. He was able to take this buck Sunday morning at about 8:30 on my wife's family farm. I grunted him into the food plot and Kash put a good shot on him with a 22-250 at about 40 yards. He was beyond excited, what an awesome experience to share...
  12. J

    Left Handed Youth Deer Rifle

    My son and I had a great youth hunt this weekend. He was able to shoot his second deer an 8pt and is still bouncing off the walls with excitement. (pics to follow) With my little girl old enough to hunt next year I get to begin the quest for a step up rifle for my son. He shoots left handed...
  13. J

    Towing a 10' rotary cutter

    How far and fast have you towed a pull behind rotary cutter? I hauled one back the other day on a trailer and had problems loading it and then had two blowouts on the trailer before I got home. Buddy that used to work for JD said he would tow them up and down the interstate all the time and...
  14. J

    Trailer Tire BLOW OUT - 2

    I leave work early yesterday afternoon and head two hours away to pick up a rotary cutter I bought. Pulling a 20' gooseneck flatbed with 14 ply Hankook 7.50R16 LT tires. Tires are in good shape and correctly inflated. On the way home on Hwy 60 at Mountain Grove I have a blow out. Spare is a...
  15. J

    Pacific Northwest Folks

    My family and I visited my mother-in-law last week in the Tri-City area of WA. We flew in to Pasco and I believe she lives in Richland. We stayed in that area for a day and then headed down I84 along the Columbia River into Portland. Through Portland to Canon Beach, OR. We drove 101 down to...
  16. J

    calving signs...

    :nod: Heifers are hard to pinpoint but those are definite signs she is near calving. Good luck!
  17. J

    Trailer brake question?

    Went and looked at a 87 Goosneck stock trailer. Guy told me that it had the old 5 hole brakes and that you couldn't buy parts for them. He said he knew somebody who could possibly drill the plate out to 6 hole and could then get parts or you would have to put new axles under the trailer. I'm...
  18. J

    chilly calf last night

    Found this new calf last night. Buddy loaded him up for a bit to dry him off and warm him up. 5 out of the 7 bred heifers we bought calved in October with the rest of the herd. These two stragglers won't help our calving window. Healthy calf though and I'll gladly take it.
  19. J

    Improving Rifle Accuracy

    I was fishing around in Dad's safe and found a new Ruger M77 Mark II in 270. I've always liked Ruger's and am always looking for another rifle. I think I've got it traded for. What would you do to increase or improve the accuracy of this stock rifle? Have the original trigger re-worked, buy...
  20. J

    Youth Deer Season Success!

    My 6 year old that so many of you prayed for during his recent surgery was able to harvest a doe on Sat night. To say I'm proud of him would be an understatement. He had just dozed off when I saw this little doe eating in the food plot about 20 yards from our blind. It was dark enough that...