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    Hereford Hoof Problem

    The wive's tales you have heard about Herefords are just that. Before we came back to the ranch hubby worked for a couple of big commercial outfits and the traits you mentioned are not breed specific. I can't say for sure about udder burns and such from snow, never dealt with it. What I do...
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    sale barn

    Missed them, really? We band calves a whole lot bigger than that. We were the first one in our area to buy a bander and when we went to brandings, hubby would be asked to bring ours along. Now most places have ones of their own. The largest thing I have ever seen banded was a 1200 pound long...
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    Almost my favorite time of year (pics)

    Really like the hips on a couple of your females. I thought that CA was the only place in the country that fall calves? You have Herefords & Angus? If you have Horned Herefords, I might just need to come out and check out some of your bulls. We have started breeding some of our cows that our...
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    Young bull - comments welcome

    Not to be mean or spiteful but I don't think any amount of groceries will give him a longer hip or straighten out those legs. Being that he was free, feed him and see what he does. You can always band him and put him in the freezer~ Nothing ventured nothing gained. Glad you explained where...
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    Bull Shopping

    I was told a long time ago by a very good cowman that you, "Breed for your cows and hope your bulls are good enough". What that means is that since you are keeping your own heifers for replacements, you want a bull that comes from a strong maternal herd. People will get all excited about one...
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    cattle management software

    We have used Cattle Max for a couple of years now. I really like it. You can set up multiple herds, you don't even need to identify each individual animal for the commercial cows. They have a way to set it up according to fields. I used to use the old hand herd book method and then made up...
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    polled vs. horned

    I guess I have a little jaded angle on this because I am third generation Horned Hereford breeder. However, we have run thousands of commercial cattle and the horned/polled debate has been something I have been asked and pondered on for a good portion of my life. Like it has been said, when...
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    One Step Closer

    Hope they don't have inheritance taxes in Canada. In this country, they would nail you for buying land under valued. Like DH said, capital gains will kill you, if they have them in Canada? We have paid inheritance taxes on the same ranch three times, the lawyers are still trying to figure out...
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    Question for Limousin breeders?

    Glad to hear it, so do we. More purebred breeders should. It would improve vastly the quality of cattle of any breed. We have never sold a "herd" bull and don't really intend to. We just sell honest bulls to commercial cattlemen and stand behind them. It has worked for us for over 65 years...
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    Question for Limousin breeders?

    I have seen that happen at more than one breed sale. I have always contended that breed sales were a great place for a commercial cattleman to pick up some good buys. Cattle that may be phenotypically correct, but for some reason aren't bred just right usually sell cheaper than they would at a...
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    What's wrong with my plan... Bulls

    That may be true, but as I always tell people when they remark on how much our land is worth. "You can't take dirt to the grocery store!" If you sell the land, you have all this money, then what do you do? Can't quit ranching until all you money is gone~LOL!
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    Genestar Marbling Markers Questioned

    We had a bull buyer a couple of years ago that wanted only to buy bulls with the markers. We tested all our bulls and almost all of them at least one marker. We found out we had one herd sire that was homozygous for all the markers. That bull buyer only bought bulls from us with all the...
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    3 year old LLL Timber son to critique

    I really, really like his hip and hind end. He is a really nice bull and I don't say that very often. Too bad he doesn't have horns!LOL! The heifers are really nice. Good bone and muscle. I can't believe how far polled cattle have come in such a short time. (That is meant to be a...
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    Young bull criteria (pics too)

    I would cut him, you can get more money for him as a steer. Use that money and buy yourself a bull that isn't related, unless you have enough cows to breed him to. I don't really like his hip/hind end for a bull. But then, some people are front enders and some are hind enders. I happen to be a...
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    Polled or Horned Hereford Bull

    Horns are a recessive gene. Angus are suppose to be polled which is a dominant gene. So if you breed your cow to a horned bull, it should have polled calves. If you breed your polled bull to your angus cows and they are not homozygous polled, you can get horns if the bull has horned blood...
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    Length of a bull

    I have always been told that a bull that has "good length", is the distance from his hooks to his pins. If a bull has a short hip, it might make him appear longer because all you see is side. It always amazes me how different people look at animals differently. I know some people that always...
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    "Bull Holes"

    Bulls will rub or dig anywhere. I don't really know how to stop them or if it is possible. I notice that if they have trees or posts in the pastures, they rub more than dig. Think it has something to do with insects. We the flies off of them and they don't dig much. I know that some areas...
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    Cattle insurance

    We insure all the outside bulls we purchase, at least for a year. We are in really bad anaplasmosis country and even with a vaccination, we haven't brought a bull in here that hasn't come down with a case. Most of the time it isn't bad, but one of these days we are going to lose one. If the...
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    Remitall Herefords

    Thank you all for the kind words. Raising cattle is not rocket science, but it is a whole lot harder than most people think. One day when my son was in fourth grade, his teacher came up to me and told me that he was thinking of buying a few hundred acres and getting into the cattle business...
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    Remitall Herefords

    Very valid points made here. We have been in the horned Hereford business for over 65 years. Besides the original heifers that were purchased to start this herd, we have never added an "outside" female. We do purchase herd bulls. However, we have tried to raise the same kind of cattle for...