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    IVF Embryos

    Does anyone have any experience with IVF embryos? I know that there have been changes in the last couple of years that improved pregnancy rates but I would like to know if they are on par with conventional embryos now. Thank you.
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    Bull Calf Heat Detector

    At what age would a young bull calf become a good heat detector? If the heifer has mucus but the bull calf is not following her what would you think?
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    Cow Manager or MooCall or Teaser Bull

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either the Cow Manager heat detection from Select Sires or the Moocall Heat detection system from Ireland. The main difference is that the MooCall requires you to have a teaser or gomer bull and you place an electronic collar around his neck...the...
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    Claw or Angle?

    What do you look at first on a bull's feet...claw or angle? What's the first thing that will cause problems...angle or claws? So, Baldridge Bronc and his brothers have really good epds for Claw and average for Angle. So, using them would be a step in the right direction but would you...
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    Heat Detection System

    Is there a heat detection system that isn't $2,000 or more? I'm wondering if I could try a pedometer with a phone app to track a heifer I need to breed. It seems crazy that you should have to pay thousands of dollars...I know they are made for dairies.
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    Rural King 12% Textured Cattlemen's Feed

    I tried to find out how much corn is in a ton of the Country Road Cattlemen's Feed. The only information I got was that it contains 8% Corn Chop. I'm trying to avoid using a hot feed. Is Corn Chop less of a problem than whole corn or cracked corn? Thanks for your help.
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    Baldridge Isabel Y69 Sons

    Which son of Baldridge Isabel Y69 do you have experience with and like or dislike? It would be helpful if you have calves out of these bulls or have seen calves yourself. Thanks in advance. I really like the looks of Challenger.
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    Name a Proven Angus Heifer Bull who is a Foot Improve

    Name a Proven Angus heifer bull who is a foot improver with average or above milk. Prefer a younger bull.
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    Charlo vs SAV sons

    For those of you who have had Charlo calves and calves out of Rainfall, Raindance, Reign, President, etc. how do they compare? Is there significant differences? Thanks in advance.
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    Fire & Ice breedings

    I have an Angus cow with a milk epd of 18 and I don't think that was enough for her calf. How much impact will it have if I breed her to a bull like Tex Playbook with a milk epd of +38 or Gar Prophet with a milk epd of +32. Any thoughts?
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    One Select Sire Bull

    If you could get 10 straws of semen from Select Sires free, who would you choose? I would ask that you NOT choose Playbook or Capitalist....(I already have them). It is for purebred Angus, if that makes a difference.
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    Baldridge Challenger

    Does anyone have any experience/thoughts on Baldridge Challenger? I was told that Colonel and Challenger were slick haired.
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    SAV President

    This is a photo of Sav President (left) next to Sav Raindance on sale day. Someone posted it on Instagram.
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    MAR Double XL 320

    I haven't seen any posts on Mar Double XL 320 lately. Just wondering why he hasn't caught on in a big way. He doesn't seem to have holes. My only guess is that there are so many Ten X sons. I think SAV Ten Speed would be much more popular if he had a different daddy.
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    Connealy Thunder or Hoover Dam?

    I have a 6807 cow and I want to use a bull with good feet and udders. Who is better for udders? I think they are about even on the feet. I already have both bulls. The alternative is to spring for some Sav Resource. What do you all think?
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    Any thoughts/experience with the scales on Ebay and/or Amazon for weighing yearlings/adult cattle? Some of them are just the bars and you have to put it together. Just wondering how reliable they are and what kind of setup people use. Thanks in advance.
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    RB Active Duty daughters

    I really like the RB cattle (from looking at catalogs) What are the Active Duty females like? Do they milk well? Are they fertile? What about udders? In other words, what can you tell me about them? Thanks.
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    Will a Dexta Lift Large Round Rolls of Hay?

    I have a chance to buy a well-kept Fordson Dexta tractor with a Perkins diesel engine. The information I have is that it is 32 hp, weighs about 3,000 pounds and is supposed to be able to lift 1,000 kg or 2,000 pounds. Any thoughts on whether or not it will lift a large round roll of hay? I...
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    Opinions on 2 Angus Bulls

    What do you think of Connealy Comrade and/or Gar Sure Fire? Asking about your experience getting Comrade heifers bred since his HP epd is low. Asking about Gar Sure Fire in general. Thanks.
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    Sav Raindance on a heifer

    If you used female sexed semen from Sav Raindance, would you consider using him on a heifer?