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    Prescribed Fire

    I was wondering, what is the main consensus of board member to prescribed burning. The reason I ask, is because over the last 50-100 years, the United States has done a good job of taking fire out of ecosystems, through stemming fear by using characters such as Smokey bear, etc. Now we have a...
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    Bob Knight retires

    Just heard, Coach Bob Knight stepped down as head coach at Texas Tech, his son Pat Knight will be taking over head coach. 902 wins, most wins for any college basketball coach in history WRECK EM TECH :???:
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    Checking in

    Hey yall, thought i'd stop by and check in. Haven't been on this site in quite some time. I took an internship this summer in new mexico, and have been quite busy. They've had me working 70 or so hours a week, so don't get much of a chance to check out the boards. Currently, i'm working in...
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    Jeep Keiser

    anyone know anything about the old military trucks.... Jeep keisers? I'm working one, and don't know much about it.
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    Japanese Arisaka

    I picked up a arisaka t99 WWII rifle at an auction today. Old japanese gun in perfect condition. For 125 bucks I figured it would make a great hog rifle. didn't realize what it was, and had never seen one before. It is a 7.7mm x58 mum still intact. Big surprise when I came home and surfed...
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    Snowzilla or kangaroo?

    Yall tell me what is it? :shock: [/img]http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f20/jparkers/SD530112.jpg
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    Insight Bowl

    Texas Tech-44 Minnesota G.G. -41 Highlights of the insight bowl, 52 yard field goal by tech in the last 2 seconds of the game to tie, and go into overtime Tech breaks comeback record, came back from a 31 point deficit. Wreck em Tech
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    Fencing deer

    High fence, What are yalls opinions on this type of deer management?
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    Brewer's Mash

    Need information on Brewer's mash, Quality, protein, safe amount, how long does it keep we are thinking about buying some to supplement due to drought.. what are some positives and negatives to it.
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    ok just seeing if this worked ~jp
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    how to post pics

    ok how do you post pictures.... i am computer illiterate ~jp
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    cannibal and the clown

    ok so theres these two cannibals sitting around, and they are eating a clown..... one cannibal turns to the other and says.. ...... does this taste funny to you........ :P ok i thought it was funny and wanted to share.... merry christmas yall
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    thank God im a cowboy

    sometimes its nice to be the only one out in the middle of 1500 acres surrounded by 200 head of cattle... its a quiet place except for all the mooing but for some reason the noise is so soothing.... its hard work, its dust in your eyes , sweat on your brow, its backbreaking painstaking work...
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    the two muffins

    there were two muffins sitting in an oven, the first muffin turns to the other muffin and says.. ... good lord its hot in here... the second muffin says......... AAAAHHHHHH A TALKING MUFFIN.... ok ok dumb joke with and even dumber punch line :lol: