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    Champion of Champions airing on RFD-TV tonight

    Check out Champion of Champions tonight at 8 Eastern on RFD-TV. The show will feature Angus youth and the National Junior Angus Show. Here is a sneak peak at one of the segments. It is my favorite. VZpUUSFU8h0
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    Feeding Quality Forum slated for August

    This is an excellent conference to attend. I am always impressed with the speakers. The program will take place in Omaha, Nebraska, on August 23, and in Garden City, Kansas on August 25. The Forum addresses key issues with feeding cattle and other issues in agriculture. To register, visit...
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    Grand Champion Steer at NJAS

    Congrats to the winners. u2TDC-5Owl4
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    Video: Angus Bull Champions

    Yesterday (Thursday) the Bred-and-Owned Bull Champions were selected. You can see all the results at www.njas.info tJF4Kv-n57E
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    Video: National Junior Angus Show Bred-and-Owned Champions

    The bred and owned show is all wrapped up at the National Junior Angus Show. Below is the video of the Bred-and-Owned winners. Two great Angus families. There are lots of photos and updates on the NJAA facbeook page and more videos will be coming. imgYADjq-1g You can see all the results at...
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    It's pretty hard to stay away from the cattle business

    I've been going through some of my favorite YouTube videos and wanted to share this one. I think it proves that it is pretty sure to stay away from the cattle business. It gets into your blood. xBZ8FvB7gU8
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    Tips for selecting a feed yard

    This video give some great advice on selecting a feed yard, no matter what breed of cattle you have. hdxV-3ij650
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    Video of 1941 International Gr. Champ Steer owned by Purdue

    Check out this video of the 1941 International Grand Champion Steer, who was owned by Purdue University. Loyal Alumnus IV, an Angus steer, was selected out of the university herd under the direction of Prof. Carl F. Gobble. The video is a little slow moving, but make sure you watch at 6:03 to...
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    Trowbridge Angus

    This is a glimpse into Trowbridge Angus out in Canandaigua, New York. 7tchZqnWrVo
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    Show Cattle Video - tips on nutrition, showmanship, etc.

    The Sure Champ Angus Hour was recently aired on RFD-TV. The Show has been put up online. To watch the entire show follow this link - http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p ... 319E459C37 Here are a few of the individual segments GrIKVUMUQkA 0Ml8IfgMoy4 JQndRp5x7hk
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    Show Cattle T.V. Show airing on RFD-TV April 25th

    On Monday, April 25th, 7:00 p.m. CDT, RFD-TV will be airing the Sure Champ Angus Hour. This live T.V. show will discuss nutrition, pre-show preparation and showmanship. Viewers will also be able to call in with their questions. For more information see the press release at...
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    Oklahoma Youth Expo

    Here are a couple of the videos from the Oklahoma Youth Expo. Two of the heifer show and one from the gilt show for fun! More than 7,000 kids will show there this week. Heifer Show 8-Kyr5CHnFI Influence Heifer Show y8VtHS9V66A Gilts OFusvksNVis
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    Temple Grandin

    Temple is a pretty amazing lady. I love some of her quotes in this video like "I was really weird and no one wanted to talk to me, but when I showed them my drawings I got respect," Temple Grandin and the importance she puts on us telling agriculture's story to the consumer. HQkbokVuNL8
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    Greatest beef bull in history?

    Last night this piece aired on RFD-TV about the bull Earl Marshall. Of the 3.1 million Angus cattle registered in the last 10 years ALL but 964 head trace back to him. Pretty amazing considering that in the early 1900s there wasn't A.I. 6SzO7QFwvtA
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    K-State Legacy Sale

    It's getting close to K-State's Legacy Sale and Cattlemen's Day. The sale will offer Angus, Hereford and Simmental bulls, heifers and bred cows. It is a great way to support students, and give them a hands on education. SF5A9uhzyv0
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    I am Angus airs Monday, February 28 on RFD_TV

    I am very excited about the next installment of I am Angus. The February 28th show, airing on RFD-TV at 8 CST, will explore the connection between our food and the people who are raising it. VO6j14NdR10
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    K-State Legacy Sale - Angus, Herefords, Simmental

    The K-State Legacy Sale will take place March 4, 2011 in Manhattan, KS. This sale is an excellent opportunity to select bulls and females from three different breeds. Featured Simmental Heifer 6c0pM_UWUAs Featured Hereford Bull and Heifer n-5tHLd_vC4 Featured Angus Bull and Heifer 40sXOqiIU3k
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    Beef Leaders Institute applications due March 1.

    Twenty young Angus ranchers will soon have the opportunity to participate in the breed’s most extensive leadership event — the American Angus Association®’s Beef Leaders Institute (BLI).The fourth annual BLI is scheduled for June 20-23, and applications are due March 1. The three-day learning...
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    How to Tell Agriculture's Story

    Debbie is a rancher from Kansas and she is making a point to tell agriculture's story. She wants consumers to know where their food come from, and to turn to her for answers not HSUS and Peta. I think she is a pretty good example for all of us. Does anyone else out there good anything to...
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    Cattle Photography Walt Browarny / Show Champions

    Here is a little story on Walt Browarny. He has been the official photographer at the National Western Stock Show for many years and probably has photographed more champions from around the world than anyone else. JvP-jskdVuw